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  • Can you upgrade the EpPGSM Infobox templete to make it more like the Episode Anime templete but have it in a light purple? Same for the EpCrystal Infobox templete but in Cyan blue. Afterwards, I'll try to convert the templetes to articles, rename them to Episode Crystal and Episode PGSM, and finally revert them back to templetes. 

    You don't need to this right now by the way. You can take your time if you need to. 

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  • Why was this removed exactly? I don't see a point in removing it.

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    • I'm aware not all the villains weren't killed. That's why I said "largely contain". I've never found a "List of the Deceased" or a deceased category to be useful. At this time, we are also trying to clean up the categories as there are multiple of the same ones, but with different casing or spelling (o vs ou). I may later on post a poll asking users if they would feel a deceased category is more helpful than not having one.

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    • A poll? Good idea.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello! I'm Sayuri and I've recently been assigned to be a Wiki Manager on the Sailor Moon Wiki! My job is to help be a liason between staff and help the wiki any issues that arise.

    If you have any question, please feel free to ask. I look forward to working with you!

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    • Hello, Sayuri

      Thank you for your introduction! The only issues that really arise are trolls. We get bouts of them from time to time and all we can really do is block them. We have a low tolerance for suspicious behaviour because of how often we are plagued.

      Also feel free to message me as well!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I just created the new version of the MOTD Infobox . I left it blank for now  so that you can do the rest. Use the original template as a guide to help you create the new redisigned template for the Monsters of the Day. 

    Here's what the template should have:


    Kanji / Kana:






    MOTD's Master:

    MOTD's Mission: 


    First manga apperance:

    First anime apperance:

    First sera myu apperance

    First Crystal apperance:

    anime voiced by:

    crystal voiced by: 

    Sera myu actor:

    As for what it will look like, It must have a simliarity to the character infobox template's apperance but each must have diifferent colors depending whom they work for (see InfoboxMOTD)

    The basic colors are:

    Purple (representing the dark kingdom's Youma)

    Yellow (representing the Dead Moon Circus' Lemures)

    and Golden Yellow (Representing the Sailor Animamates' Phage)

    These are from the original template

    The news colors for the other Villain organzations should be:

    Green, Light Green, or Dark Green (representing the Makai Tree's Cardians)

    and Dark Purple (representing the Death Busters' Daimons)

    These should be the colors for the redesigined template. 

    As for the other templates, I'll let you work on them. If you need my help with them, contact me via message wall and I'll get to work on it. 

    I hope we can continue rennovating this wiki together!


    (Here's the page for the soon-to-be redesigned template for Monsters of the Day:

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  • Hi Duchess! Just following up regarding the ad I saw on the renovation announcement page now that I know it's still current. I would love to help wherever you need ^_^.

    The skills I currently have are: -Basic knowledge of HTML -Understanding of how to use both Visual and Source Mode (though I really only use Source mode and the Preview feature) -Basic knowledge of wikimarkup with some experience in tables & templates -Basic understanding of image uploading and categorization -Confident with English grammar -Familiarity with the Editor's Guide/Q&A page

    That's about it! You can reach out to me here or through Discord.

    Thanks for working so hard on the wiki! I use it a lot for reference!

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    • Hello, Diagnosed

      Thank you for reaching out to help the Sailor Moon Wiki! Your skills are ideal for helping with the renovations and your communication with us appreciated greatly! A large portion we ask of editors is mostly in communication. Asking Magic or myself questions and announcing your actions is important to us. This allows for more precise edits to be made and saves energy on potential time wasting.

      Now, I will ask, is there anything specific you were wanting to do? It can be as simple as working on one article to wiki-wide formatting i.e. making sure all character pages use HTML to display the image galleries rather than the gallery template.

      Thank you again for your application!

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    • Thanks for your encouragement and patience! I've been looking around to try to get an answer to your question, since I didn't have a strong preference at first. After considering, I think being assigned one page at a time is probably the best for me at the moment since my free time really comes and goes, so I will be less of a roadblock in my away time. Since the project is currently still getting all the character pages up to the new standard, could I pitch in there? Maybe one of the Sailor Animamates to start but really any character you'd like to assign is fine by me ^-^. Thanks again!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Could the pages and any reference to a character's appearance and voice actor in Crystal be changed from "reboot/remake" to "Crystal" since Crystal isn't a reboot/remake of the first anime, but an adaptation of the manga?

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    • "Reboot" referes to the rebooting of the series, aka the manga series. But if you must, then changing it to "Crystal" is fine.

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  • A troll named Dykedonkeydick47 ( has vandalized the "Usagi Tsukino / Sailor Moon (manga)" page and the "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon R" page. I undid the vandalism for the former page, but when I tried to do so for the latter, I couldn't get the content back. Do you think you could do it?

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    • I've blocked them. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

      For future reference: If you are unable to revert an edit back, go into the edit history and find the last correct edit and copy it in "source mode". Paste the previous version's source mode into the current version's "source mode" and save.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can you block this dude here He thinks Fish Eye is Trans female when HE IS A MALE! Fish Eye is in no way a trans female. Can you also revert his  edits please? 

    Note: He edited the Fish Eye pages just so that he can troll us. Please give him the indefinite block so that he can't do this over and over again.

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    • Welp. Guess what I have found? Another troll thinking fish eye is a female: this dude here.

      Update: Another user had done the same thing that the 2 trolls did and I talked to them about it. They understood what I was trying to tell them about and it worked it. ( this is the user who I’m talking about btw)

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    • I apologize for not seeing your message sooner. What we can do to possibly stop this from happening in the future is adding reference links. (Those little numbers that float near some words). We can use that to let people know we are getting the info from Naoko Takeuchi.

      I will work on Fish Eye's pages.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hello :)

    I was replacing every broken links for Infobox Character, but it appears some pages are locked.

    Can you change it on those ? Thanks ;)

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    • Oh those, I had forgotten to change those. I usually refer to that as the "drop menu". And I think I recall how to nullify links so that not all of the options lead to page. Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

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    • To where these pages were moved ?

      Jadeite (Crystal)‏‎
      Rubeus (anime)‏‎
      Morga (manga)
      Diana (anime)‏‎
      Gurio Umino (anime)
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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I had question regarding the translation of "Sailor Senshi". Is it really necessary to change all instances of "Sailor Soldier" to "Sailor Guardian" when "Soldier" is another accurate translation of "Senshi"?

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    • You're asking as if this was a decided change. If someone else is making these changes and seems to be on the minute level such as the translation of "senshi", please ask that person before you ask me. There are users on here that take matters into their own hands that I am not aware of, not did I ask them do make some of these changes.

      As for the true question: Guardian vs. Soldier, I'd say to use what ever the official translation calls it. As of right now, Guardian seems to be the dominent version. Though I personally would prefer to stay with "Sailor Senshi" as I see it as a middle-ground.

      Why do you ask this question? Is something going on on the wiki?

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    • Sorry! I only asked because I'm seeing changes of "Sailor Senshi" and "Sailor Soldier" to "Sailor Guardian" so frequently I thought it was an official decided change. The page "Soldiers of the Outer Solar System" became "Sailor Guardians of the Outer Solar System" and the characters' pages have any instance of "Sailor Senshi" changed to "Sailor Guardian". I didn't see anything about on the editor's page about this so I thought I was missing something.

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    • No worries, it's also a little difficult to track these changes as Thesonicfan106 makes hundreds of edits a day and I can't check them all. I'll make a note of it on the editors guide!

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention!

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