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  • Apparently, you haven't read any of my blogs so I might as well leave a message on your page. I said earlier that I wanted to do song pages myself. However, I was busy so I did need someone to help make the pages. Although, the pages you made are not very....well, organized.

    First off, for the titles, the kanji comes first. After that, the English translation of it comes afterwards. It's more proper and some wikis (such as the Vocaloid wiki) has these kind of titles for song pages. I have renamed alot of the ones you made so it's not a big problem. If you need any pages renamed, please come and tell me.

    Second, the lyrics are not in a very proper order. I haven't said what kind of order they should be in in my blogs but it was because I didn't know HOW to explain it. If you want an example of how the lyrics should look, then you can look at the lyrics section of this page. If you wanna know how to put them there like that, then click the edit button and go to source mode. It's easy once you get the hang of it.

    Third, I rather not link to the videos and just put the video on here. It seems to be fair in some way.

    Thank you for taking your time to read this.

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