Mercury Star Power, Make Up


Mercury star-power


Japanese: マーキュリー・スター・パワー・メイク・アップ
Romanji: Maakyurii Sutaa Pawaa Meiku Appu
Transformation Phrase for: Sailor Mercury
Items Used: Star Power Stick (manga and anime)
Upgrade: Mercury Planet Power, Make Up (manga)
Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up (anime)
First Appearance
Manga: Act 16 Abduction - Sailor Mercury -
Anime: A Guardian’s Friendship: Goodbye, Ami
Crystal: Act 16 Abduction - Sailor Mercury -

"Mercury Star Power, Make Up" is the 2nd phrase used by Ami Mizuno which allows her to transform into Sailor Mercury.


Ami raises her pen in the air and transforms instantly into Sailor Mercury.


In this transformation, Ami holds up her hand as a stream of blue sparkles swirled around it, alighting on her fingertips and turning them light blue. Her Star Power Stick appears, spinning, and as she takes a hold of it the Mercury symbol in the center of the star begins to spin. She then swept the stick over her head and around her body while a stream of blue water emitted from it, forming her leotard, gloves, and boots. A sparkling ripple expanded over her body, and a rush of bubbles formed the rest of her sailor uniform, and Sailor Mercury assumes her finishing pose.


Same as Mercury Power, Make Up except that she used a Star Power Stick.

Video Games

Used to transform into Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon R game for the game console Super Nintendo. This transformation does not appear in the anime. Ami shouts out, "Mercury Star Power, Make-Up!" while posing and the screen turns white and Ami instantly transformed into her much stronger version of her standard Sailor form of Sailor Mercury.


In the musicals, the transformation happens offstage with blue neon lights, as with all but one of the musical transformations, so we don't know what it looks like.



  • When the last 17 episodes of the second season (Sailor Moon R) were dubbed into English, this transformation included footage from Sailor Mercury's previous standard transformation "Mercury Power!"
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