Mercury Power, Make Up



Smc mercury power

Japanese: マーキュリー・パワー・メイク・アップ
Romanji: Maakyurii Pawaa Meiku Appu
Transformation Phrase for: Sailor Mercury
Items Used: Transformation Pen (manga, anime and Crystal)
Jewelry Star Bracelet (Live Action)
Upgrade: Mercury Star Power, Make Up
First Appearance
Manga: Act 3 Rei - Sailor Mars
Anime: The Girl Genius is a Monster: The Brainwashing Cram School of Horror
Live Action: Act 2 - Ami Became a Friend
Crystal: Act 2 Ami - Sailor Mercury

"Mercury Power, Make Up" is the 1st command used by Ami Mizuno to transform into Sailor Mercury in the manga, 90s anime series and the Crystal, and the only one in the live-action series.


In the manga, however, the transformation is instant, and all Ami has to do is cross her hands over her chest while holding her pen and say her phrase in order to transform.

She can also choose to raise her pen in the air and again transform momentarily. The sequence goes as this (as described by Naoko Takeuchi in the Materials Collection):


First, Ami held up her Transformation Pen. She then swept the Pen over her head and around her body while a stream of blue water emitted from it, forming her leotard, gloves, and boots. A sparkling ripple expanded over her body, a small burst of mist formed the rest of her sailor uniform, and Sailor Mercury finished in her final pose.


In Sailor Moon Crystal, Ami holds up her pen against the planet Mercury against a blue background and shouts "Mercury Power, Make Up!". As she does that she lets go of the pen and Ami holds up her hand and her fingernails turn light blue. Similar to her Mercury Star Power Make Up transformation. Ami's body turns an into purple silhouette color against the blue background and she holds the pen up. Water swirls around her and her back is turn and she is already clothed in her Sailor Mercury uniform. She turns around and the Mercury symbol appears on her forehead. Her tiara forms and she assumes her finishing pose.


As Ami called out the command, her Jewelry Star Bracelet changed from its smaller, sealed form into its full form, and the gems began to glow. She crossed her arms and her fingernails turned blue, then she swept one arm over her head, and her hair turned short and blue, and her leotard appeared. Then she rotated as glowing blue rings and a spiral of bubbly, blue water moved up her body. She held up her arms and white ribbons formed her gloves, and as she swept her hands over her legs her boots appeared. She then swept an arm around her body, her movement trailed by a stream of bubbles, as the rest of her sailor uniform appeared. She slowly moved into her finishing pose, her tiara appearing as her hand passed her forehead, and ended in her final pose as water splashed behind her.

Video Games

This command was used in the Sailor Moon game for the Super Nintendo. This transformation does not appear in the anime. Ami shouts out, "Mercury Power, Make-Up!" while posing and the screen turns white and Ami instantly transforms into Sailor Mercury.



  • Although Ami transformed into Sailor Mercury in Act 2 of the manga, she did not say the phrase, "Mercury Power, Make Up!" until Act 3.
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