Mercury Harp
Japanese: マーキュリーハープ
Romanji: Maakyurii Haapu
User(s): Sailor Mercury
Used For: Attacking and destroying enemies
Attacks: Mercury Aqua Rhapsody
First Appearance
Manga: Act 40 Dream 2 - Mercury Dream

The "Mercury Harp" is an item Sailor Mercury used in the manga only. She used it to perform Mercury Aqua Rhapsody.


In the manga, she received it after her Sailor Power Guardian, Guardian Mercury, helped to release her from her nightmare.

Like the other items the other Inner Sailor Guardians received, the harp has a will of its own and can communicate with Sailor Mercury, but this was only shown once.



  • Despite being called a Harp it is more like a Lyre, which is often associated with Hermes the Messenger of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, whose Roman name is Mercury.
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