Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up



Me crystal power

Me crystal special

Japanese: マーキュリー・クリスタル・パワー・メイク・アップ
Transformation Phrase for: Super Sailor Mercury
Items Used: Mercury Crystal (manga)
Crystal Change Rod (anime)
Upgrade: Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up (Eternal form)
First Appearance
Anime: True Power Explodes! Ami's Song of the Heart

"Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up" is the 4th command used by Ami Mizuno to transform into a "super" and “eternal” version of Sailor Mercury in the manga, and the third command used by Ami Mizuno to transform into Super Sailor Mercury in the anime series.



In the manga, Ami uses her Sailor Crystal, a heart-shaped crystal called the Mercury Crystal, to do this transformation (which explains the name). As with all manga transformations, this one is instant as well, but comes with an upgraded outfit similar to the anime Super outfit, with a longer back bow, more earrings, a star on the choker, and a heart on her bow.


In Act 49 of the Dream arc Ami raised her hand and yelled “Mercury Crystal Power!” to give power to Eternal Sailor Moon’s Eternal Tiare. Afterwards, she transformed into a form similar to Eternal Sailor Moon's, called “Eternal Sailor Mercury” by fans, as well as the other Sailor Senshi.

She used the phrase (Mercury Crystal Power, Make Up) once to transform into her Eternal form in Act 50 - Stars 1, before her Sailor Crystal and Jupiter’s were taken by Sailor Aluminum Siren in Act 51.


The blue crystal with the mercury symbol and a harp appeared. Then Ami held up the Crystal-less Crystal Change Rod, where the crystal attaches at one end. She then swept the Rod over her head and around her body while a stream of silver water emitted from it, forming her leotard, gloves, and boots. A sparkling ripple expanded over her body, a rush of bubbles formed the rest of her sailor fuku, and Sailor Mercury finished in her final pose.

In the Ami's First Love special episode, a different version of this transformation appeared. After she held up the Crystal Change Rod, she appeared glowing blue with her tiara gem sparkling on her forehead. A stream of water appeared and formed a circle around her, then engulfed her completely. She emerged from the water fully clothed in her sailor fuku. The ending frame was also different, as there was no lyre or symbol behind her.The animation in this case features Mercury shown in a watery silhouette at a far angle as she gives a speech to Bonnone and her tiara stone glows bright blue. She then breaks from the silhouette fully transformed, and appears in profile before twirling into a pose against a yellow, blue, and pink background.

Video Games

  • Sailor Moon SuperS - Various Emotion - Used to transform into Super Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon SuperS game for the game console Sega Saturn. This transformation does not appear in the anime, however, is somewhat similar to it. After Ami shouts out, "Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up!" She instantly appears and strike for her pose, the differences are when Ami shouts out, "Mercury Crystal Power, Make-Up!" the background does not changes it remains black, after that the background where she turns around and at the end where she poses, the glyph of the planet Mercury appears behind her instead of the harp.



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