Mercury Aqua Storm
Japanese: マーキュリーアクアストーム
Romanji: Maakyuri Akua Sutoumu
Type: Water-based
Items Used: Sailor Mercury's Sailor Star Tambourine
User(s): Sailor Mercury
First Appearance

"Mercury Aqua Storm" is a water-based attack that was used just once against a youma. It was performed by Sailor Mercury with her Sailor Star Tambourine.


Sailor Mercury crosses her arms while holding her Star Tambourine. Then she thrusts her tambourine down while the opposite arm sticks upwards. Then switches her arms and points the Star Tambourine towards the sky while making her finger pose near her face with the other hand.

She then spins around and points the tambourine at her target as a powerful burst of water and blue energy blast fires out of it.

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