Mercury Aqua Rhaspody

MercuryAquaRhapsody in the manga

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Japanese: マーキュリー・アクア・ラプソディー
Romanji: Maakyurii Akua Rapusodii
Type: Water-based
Items Used: Mercury Harp
Upgraded Attack: Mercury Aqua Galactica Rhapsody (musicals only)
User(s): Super Sailor Mercury
First Appearance
Manga: Act 40 Dream 2 - Mercury Dream
Anime: True Power Explodes: Ami's Melody of the Heart
Sera Myu: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS ~ Dream Guardians - Love - Into Eternity...

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody" is a powerful water-based attack used by Super Sailor Mercury in most versions of Sailor Moon.


In the manga, the attack's first appearance was in Act 40. Here, Sailor Mercury used her Mercury Harp to perform this attack and allow her and mother to break free from Fish Eye's spell. She also used this attack in Act 58 while she and the other Sailor Guardians were under the control of Sailor Galaxia's bracelets


The attack was first used in episode 151, to break free from the computer which she and the Sailor Guardians had been trapped by VesVes. To perform this attack, a watery lyre materialized and when she played it, she fired a water blast that could destroy or freeze its target. She usually performs this attack to help weaken the enemy so Sailor Moon can use Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy the target.

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody (High Quality)

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody (High Quality)


The attack first appeared in the musical Sailor Moon SuperS - Yume Senshi - Ai - Eien ni..., and there was also performed with the Mercury Harp. In other musicals, however, it was performed without any item at all, similar to the anime. In Le Mouvement Final when Mercury was being manipulated by Sailor Galaxia, she used a more powerful version of this attack called Mercury Aqua Galactica Rhapsody.

Video Games

Mercury Aqua Rhapsody appeared in several video games, such as Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS: Fluffy Fluffy Panic, Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Sailor Stars: Fluffy Fluffy Panic 2 and Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon SuperS: Zenin Sanka!! Shuyaku Soudatsusen.

Super Sailor Mercury plays her water harp and fires an arrow wave of water at her target. In the SuperS Playstation video game, the lyre is golden (as it is in the symbol on Mercury's Crystal Power Stick in the anime) and the background temporarily becomes bluish-green when she summons the attack.


  • The lyre that Sailor Mercury plays to perform this attack, and the lyre symbol that appears at the beginning of the attack, is a reference to the Roman god Mercury. According to the myth, Mercury crafted the first lyre as an apology gift for stealing the cattle belonging to the sun god Apollo.
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