Disc 9 Cover

Disc 9 of the Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box.

The ninth disc of the box was comprised from music from the Sailor Moon S movie. The only song on this disc was the ending theme played during the end of the movie. Tracks 19-30 were bonus tracks. The final three tracks had various sound effects heard through the movie and the TV series.

Track List

# Song Title Song Version
1 "Snow Queen" M401, M402
2 "Moonlight Densetsu (S version) Karaoke" TV Edit
3 "Carefree Usagi" M404, M405
4 "Kakeru no yasashisa" M406, M407, 408
5 "Kakeru no yume yasahiku" M409, m410
6 "Starting Invasion Strategy" M411, m412
7 "4 Sailor Senshis vs Snow Dancers" M413, 416A, M416B
8 "Sailor Chibi-moon Makeup!" M417, M418, M421, M422
9 "Sentou"
10 "Doki Doki" M428, 429, 430
11 "Thinking of Flying" M431, M432, M433
12 "Heart-breaking Separation" M434, M435
13 "Snow Kaguya" M436, M437, M438
14 "Final Fight" M439, M441, 442, M443
15 "Koi suru Kokoro" M444, M445
16 "Ai to Yuujou no Chikara"
"The Power of Love and Friendship"
17 "Ai no Message"
"Message of Love"
M447, M448
18 "Moonlight Destiny (Hiroko Asakawa)" ED
19 "Sailor 4 Soldiers, Make-Up Theme (Solo Version)" M413-4?
20 "Sailor Team no Theme" Instrumental Version
21 "Moonlight Destiny" Instrumental Version
22 "Sailor Moon Christmas" Piano Version
23 "Initial U" Instrumental Version
24 "Senshi no Omoi" Orgel Version
25 "Garnet Guardian" Orgel Version
26 "Rebirth" Orgel Version
27 "Ai o Shinjiteru" Orgel Version
28 "SE (Sound Effects) 3" Mono
29 "SE (Sound Effects) 4" Mono
30 "SE (Sound Effects)" Mono
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