Disc 4 Cover

Disc 4 of the Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box.

The fourth disc of the box covered the mostly dark music from the third season. The television edit to the new version of the opening has the chime/bell ringing at the beginning of the track. Also included was the fourth ending as well as instrumental version of it.

Track List

# Song Title Song Version

"Unmei no Senshi"

M362, M330B, M338
2 "Moonlight Densetsu (Moon Lips)" Opening 2 (TV Edit) mono
3 "SMS Subtitle Music" M317
4 "Pure Heart" M326, M329, M340
5 "Haruka and Michiru" M371, M372, M331, M332
6 "Death Busters" M313, M346
7 "Daimon Appears" M333, M336
8 "Daimon" M314, M341, M345
9 "Pursuit" M342A, M342
10 "Sailor Uranus and Neptune" M307, M315, M316
11 "Spiral Moon Heart Rod" M302, M301
12 "Cosmic Moon Power, Makeup!" M305, M306, M308
13 "The Pure Heart Crystal is Safe" M361, M363
14 "Sailor Senshi Companions - Confrontation" M312, M337 + M366, M344A, M344, M339
15 "Rainbow Mantle" M304, M303
16 "Tuxedo Mirage" Instrumental Version
17 "SMS Eyecatch Music" M318
18 "Holy Grail" M311A
19 "Return of Chibi-usa" M325, M328, F8, F8B
20 "Sailor Saturn" M348, M330
21 "Super Sailor Moon" M364, M309, M357
22 "Tuxedo Mirage (Peach Hips)" ED4 (TV Edit)
23 "SMS Preview Music" M320, M320A, M321
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