Disc 2 Cover

Disc 2 of the Sailor Moon Memorial Music Box.

The second disc of the box was loaded with tracks that had not been released yet. Track 2 was the mono television edit of the first opening with the chime/bells ringing at the beginning. In addition it included instrumental versions of eight songs played throughout the first season. The final three tracks were also bonus tracks.

Track List

# Song Title Song Version
1 "Opening Title Music" C3
2 "Moonlight Densetsu (DALI)" Opening 1 (TV Edit) mono
3 "SailorMoon Subtitle Music" C1a, C1b
4 "Usagi Bridge Collection" J4, J7, J20, J21, J3a
5 "Otome Kokoro"
"A Maiden's Heart"
F4B', F4B
6 "Yume Miru Dakeja Dame" Instrumental Version
7 "SailorMoon Eyecatch Music" C2
8 "Queen Beryl" 12, E8B
9 "Ai no Energy wo Ubae"
"Steal the Energy of Love"
Instrumental Version
10 "MUUN PAWAA de henshou"
"Moon Power Disguise"
H5, H5b
11 "Aikotoba wa Moon Prism Power Make Up!" Instrumental Version
12 "Kareni naru Moon Prism Power Makeup!" G12, H1, H2, H3
13 "Tsukini Kawatte Oshiokiyo"
"In Place of the Moon I'll Punish You"
Instrumental Version
14 "Moon Tiara Action" H4, E5
15 "Maboroshi no Ginzuishou Silver Crystal"
"Mystical Silver Crystal"
16 "Despair and Evil 1" J18
17 "Despair and Evil 2" E13
18 "Despair and Evil 3" J17
19 "Despair and Evil 4" F15
20 "Despair and Evil 5" J19
21 "Despair and Evil 6" F14
22 "Sailor Senshi Reunion" F11B, E20, E19B
23 "Protect The Stars" B4, B3B, B3, B2, B1
24 "Revenge! Sailor Senshis" J3b, G11B
25 "Occhokochoi ha Umaretsuki 5"
"Scatterbrain by Nature 5"
Instrumental Version
26 "Moon Densetsu" J15
27 "Moon Princess (Ushio Hashimoto)" ED2 (TV Edit)
28 "SM Preview Music" A6a, A6b
29 "Heart Moving" Instrumental Version
30 "Subtitle music, Makeup theme, Rondo Version" C1a, + C1b, H1 + H2
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