Memorial Album of the Musical 13 - New Legend of Kaguya Island
Memorial Album 13

Nippon Columbia


Musical, vocal


Various singers

# of tracks




Release date

July 21, 2004

Memorial Album of the Musical 13 - New Legend of Kaguya Island was a Sera Myu CD that contained the soundtrack for the musical, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ New Legend of Kaguya Island ~".

Track List

  1. Overture ~ New Legend of Kaguya Island ~
  2. The Color of the Earth Is Salad Time
  3. The Female Pirate's Strategy (2004 Summer Version)
  4. The Ambition of the Comet Coatl (2004 Summer Version)
  5. Dark Menorah ~ The Island Trip to Buy Dreams (2004 Summer Version)
  6. Moonlight Justice
  7. The Skirmish in the Middle of the Storm (2004 Summer Version)
  8. Why Is This So Familiar? (2004 Summer Version)
  9. Captive Artuka
  10. 5000th Year Kaguya Island (Dark Plasman iri version)
  11. What is a Mother? (2004 Summer Version)
  12. The Heart of a Ray of Light ~ The Face of Ambition (2004 Summer Version)
  13. Star Glory (2004 Summer Version)
  14. We Drifted Ashore, But... (2004 Summer Version)
  15. And Believe In All (2004 Summer Version)
  16. Ice Doll
  17. The Sea of Chibiusa
  18. Pinky Typhoon (2004 Summer Version)
  19. At Last We Meet (2004 Summer Version)
  20. Mother's Bloodline
  21. The Crime of a Lunar Eclipse
  22. Pure Narcissism
  23. Everyone Is Loved by Someone (2004 Summer Version)
  24. LINK (1 Chorus 2004 Summer Version)
  25. La Soldier (1 Chorus 2004 Summer Version)


  • Mai Shibata performed "Mother's Bloodline" on the CD, but she never performed it on stage. It only appeared in the musical's revision, where it was performed by Shun Tasai.
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