Memorial Album of the Musical
Dark Kingdom Revival Story Album

Nippon Columbia


Sera Myu, soundtrack, vocal


Various singers

# of tracks




Release date

August 21, 1993

Memorial Album of the Musical is a Sera Myu CD that contained the soundtrack for the musical, "Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon ~ An Alternate Legend - Dark Kingdom Revival Story".

Track List

  1. Mystery Search (Opening)
  2. Let's Have a Summer Vacation
  3. The First Omen
  4. Secret of the Rose
  5. Moon Fantasia
  6. Love on a Waltz
  7. Love on a Tree-Lined Street
  8. The Strongest Couple Corps
  9. Waltz for a While
  10. The Real Truth About Girls
  11. Confrontation of the Red and Black
  12. Sailor War (musical version)
  13. Darkness is Beautiful
  14. Transformation! The Soldiers
  15. Battle ~ Close Counter, Forced Double Suicide
  16. Triple Fate
  17. Leaving the Memories Behind
  18. Usagi's Determination ~ Four People Protect Me
  19. Miraculous Ressureciton
  20. Mystery Search (Curtain Call)
  21. Sailor War
  22. La Soldier
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