Mars Power, Make Up
Maazu pawaa meiku appu

Mars power, make up (manga)

Mars power!


Transformation phrase for...

Sailor Mars

Items used

Rei's Transformation Pen (manga, anime, and Crystal)
Jewelry Star Bracelet (Live Action)


Mars Star Power, Make Up (manga, anime and Crystal)

First Appearance

Act 10 - Moon (manga)
The Cursed Bus: Enter Mars, the Guardian of Fire (anime)
Act 3 - The Third Senshi is Miko Rei (Live Action)
Act 3 - Rei, Sailor Mars (Crystal)

Mars Power, Make Up is the first command used by Rei Hino to transform into Sailor Mars in the manga, anime and Sailor Moon Crystal, and the only command she used in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.


Rei raises her pen, calls out the command and simply transforms into Sailor Mars.


First, Rei held up her Transformation Pen. She then held the pen over her chest, and long tongues of flame emitted from the Pen and formed fiery rings that passed down over her body. The rings tightened to form her entire outfit. Sailor Mars was then fully transformed, finishing with her classic pose.


Rei holds up her pen against the planet Mars against a red background. She shouts "Mars Power Make up!" and as she does that she lets go of the pen, bright rainbow colours come out of the pen and holds up her hand and her fingernails turn red. Similar to her Mars Star Power Make Up transformation. Rei's body turns a into purple silhouette colour against the red background and she holds the pen up. Fire swirls around her and her back is turn and she is already clothes in her Sailor Mars uniform. She turns around and the Mars symbol appears on her forehead. Her tiara appears and then she strikes her ending pose.

Live Action

As Rei called out the command, her Jewelry Star Bracelet changed from its smaller, sealed form into its full form, and the gems began to glow. She crossed her arms and her fingernails turned red, then she swept one arm over her head and her hair turned long and black and her leotard appeared. She then rotated as red flower petals floated around her, forming her choker and gloves. She spun once and her skirt appeared, then held up her arms as her bow materialized. With a sweep of her hand past her feet, her high heels appeared. She slowly moved into her finishing pose, her tiara appeared as her hand moved past her forehead. Flames and the Mars symbol appeared behind her once she completed the pose.

Mars Power Make Up - PGSM

Mars Power Make Up - PGSM


  • Although Rei transformed into Sailor Mars in Act 3 of the manga, she did not say the phrase, "Mars Power, Make Up.
  • This was the only transformation Rei used to transformation in the live-action series.
  • Rei is the only one whose hair color didn't change while transforming in the live action series.


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