Marine Cathedral
Japanese: マリンCathedral
Romanji: Marin Katedoraru
First Appearance

The Marine Cathedral, is an expansive romanized cathedral that is located on the Tokyo bay on a building platform.


In both episodes 110 and 111 of the S Season, The cathedral is the location where Sailors Uranus and Neptune agree to meet Eudial who will reveal to them who hold 2 Talismans, when they travel to the cathedral by plane they are caught in a trap and have their pure hearts stolen, revealing their Talismans.

Usagi and the Inner Sailor Senshi arrive to chase Eudial down a series of hallways, confronting the fiery witch by herself,

Sailor Moon is shot down by Eudial, Setsuna Meiou arrives and reveals herself as Sailor Pluto before Eudial can harm Usagi. Pluto reveals her Talisman, revives Uranus & Neptune and the Holy Grail appears, however, Eudial proceeds to set the room on fire and runs to claim the grail, but Sailor Moon does so first. Backfiring Eudial's fire buster attack, she is sent flying out a large stained glass window. Eudial then drives off from the site intent on getting back to the Witches 5 base, but a malfunction by Mimete would cause her to drive off a cliffside.

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