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Marie Buraidaru is a famous mangaka. She was a one-shot character in Codename: Sailor V.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Marie's name is basically a pun. Her first name, Marie, sounds similar to the word "marry." Her last name, Buraidaru, is a Japanese pronouncation of the English word "bridal."

Respectively though, Buraidaru is written with the kanji for "dance" (舞), "rely" or "depend on" (頼), "fall" or "sink" (堕), and "flow" (流). Her given name, Marie, is a Czech/French/German name that means "beloved", "loved", "Star of the Sea", or "renowned"/"famous".[1] Other sources say the name can mean "bitter".[2]


Marie had short hair and she wore glasses similar to Gurio Umino's and Princess D's glasses. When her glasses fell off of her in one scene, it was revealed that she looked very beautiful and that she looked a lot like her character Linda Evangeligeli. A colored manga illustration depicted her having white hair with a pink tint.


Marie is a mangaka who's first manga series was Aurora ♥ Wedding, a series that she started when she was in her second year of middle school and ended at 110 volumes when she was 20. Minako was a big fan of hers. Marie had many crushes including: on her editor and the protagonist's boyfriend of her manga series. Marie was also a fan of Phantom Ace because he also looked like her editor. She has a pet dog named Luna-chan who turns out to be Wan Wan.




  • Marie may be a reference to Marie Koizumi, another manga artist that Naoko Takeuchi has collaborated with on some projects. Takeuchi was also her assistant for many years until Naoko became a popular manga artist.