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Marco Albiero (born May 3, 1981[1]) is an Italian illustrator, cartoonist and character designer.

He has drawn official Sailor Moon artwork, including redrawing old official art from both the anime and manga. In addition to creating official works, he has also done unofficial Sailor Moon fan-art, and it is actually what he was doing prior to creating official art. Albiero's artwork has been used on the Italian Sailor Moon website as well as on official merchandise, such as DVD box sets, and has been used in countries such as France, Thailand, Brazil, and the United States. North American licensed merchandise company, Great Eastern Entertainment, often uses Albiero's artwork on their official Sailor Moon products.

For his Sailor Moon artwork — as well as his unofficial Sailor Moon fan-art, art for other series, and non-franchise illustrations — please see his website.

Examples of Sailor Moon Artwork

Sm-001.jpg Sm-002.jpg

All credit due to Marco Albiero, Naoko Takeuchi/PNP, and Toei Animation.


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