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Manegin was a youma who appeared in the Sera Myu Sailor Moon - Gaiden Dark Kingdom Fukkatsu Hen, its revision, the Sailor Moon Super Spring Festival. She also made an appearance in the video game Sailor Moon for the Mega Drive.

In Sera Myu

In the musicals, Manegin was able to harm her enemies by using attacks that had a paralyzing effect on her victims, as well as bring on a fit of sneezing, hunger, or confusion. She also had the power to summon energy-draining youma called the Manegin Gundan.

When Queen Beryl and the Dark Kingdom were revived, Manegin disguised herself as Haruna Sakurada and approached Usagi and her friends in a department store. She encouraged them to go to the beach with her on vacation. However, Rei saw through the disguise and forced her back into her youma form. Manegin and her minions attacked Usagi and her friends in an attempt to seize the Silver Crystal, and she used her powers to prevent them from transforming. Tuxedo Mask intervened and Manegin and her allies went away. Although Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako chased her, she managed to get away. Some of the Manegin Gundan were later summoned by Beryl to help fight Tuxedo Mask, but Manegin herself did not reappear. It was never confirmed if Manegin was simply disguised as Haruna or if Haruna had been transformed into a youma.

In Video Games

In Sailor Moon for the Mega Drive, Manegin appeared as the first boss in the game. Among her powers she had super speed and poison breath.


  • Her name was a pun on "マネキン" (Mannequin).


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