ManeMane Girl
Japanese: マネマネ娘
Romanji: Mane Mane Musume
Aliases: The Dream Eating Monkey
ManeMane (CWi English dub)

Dead Moon Circus

Species: Lemures
Master: VesVes
Objective: To extract a Dream Mirror and attack the Sailor Guardians
Death: Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation
First Appearance
Anime: Flames of Passion: Mars's Raging Super Attack
Anime Voiced By: Yuko Nagashima (Japanese)

ManeMane Girl is a Lemures that was sent by VesVes to fight the Sailor Guardians. She appeared in Episode 25 of Sailor Moon SuperS.

Nomenclature and Etymology

"Mane" (真似) and "Musume" (娘) in her name mean "Mimicry" and "Girl" respectively.


She had the appearance of a monkey dressed in a green Sailor Guardian-Esque Costume and could mimic most of their attacks.


After extracting the dream mirror of a girl named Nanako, VesVes was attacked by the Sailor Guardians so she summoned ManeMane Girl to fight them. ManeMane Girl mimicked Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter's attacks and ate Nanako's dream mirror, and began to imitate her. Rei transformed into Sailor Mars and used Burning Mandala on her, but it didn't work, as she was able to mimic the attack. However, when Sailor Mars used her new attack Mars Flame Sniper, she was unable to mimic and was hit by it. Sailor Chibi Moon called Pegasus with Twinkle Yell, and Sailor Moon destroyed ManeMane Girl with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.


ManeMane Girl had the ability to copy the abilities and face off the Sailor Guardians and perform their attacks with the same strength as their original abilities. She is also seen mimicking VesVes when she is first summoned, much to the latter's irritation.


  • ManeMane Love Me Chain
  • Mane Sparkling Wide Pressure



  • For a while, it was assumed that Linda Ballantyne provided the character's dub voice. However, this was denied by Ballantyne in an interview.

Dead Moon Circus
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