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|kanji / kana = タキシード仮面<br />
|kanji / kana = タキシード仮面<br />
''Takishīdo Kamen''
''Takishīdo Kamen''
|image =
|image = [[File:Tuxedo_Mask_In_Ryusei_Densetsu.png|thumb]]
|resides = Tokyo
|resides = Tokyo
|occupation =
|occupation =

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Template:InfoboxCharacterTuxedo Mask fights evil, along with Sailor Moon, and with the Sailor Senshi. This is the first depiction of the character in a musical production of the original manga character.






Mizuki Sano Tuxedo Mask.jpg
Mizuki Sano as Tuxedo Mask
Mochizuki Mask.jpg
Mochizuki Yuuta as Tuxedo Mask
Enomoto Mask.jpg
Enomoto Yuuta as Tuxedo Mask
Amano Mask.jpg
Amano Hironari as Tuxedo Mask
Edo Mask.jpg
Edo Hidemasa as Tuxedo Mask
Kenji Mask.jpg
Urai Kenji as Tuxedo Mask
Yuu Mask.jpg
Shirota Yuu as Tuxedo Mask
Gyo Mask.jpg
Miyamoto Gyo as Tuxedo Mask
Yuga Yamato as Tuxedo Mask
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