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(age 14-16) |astrosign=Sagittarius |bloodtype=O |family= Orphaned |hobbies= Shopping |sports= Martial arts |color= Pink |class= Home Economics |noclass= Biology |food= Cherry pie |nofood= None |place= Six Flags Over Texas,
Six Flags Great America,
Six Flags America |fortune= n/a |habit= Obsesses over boys,
Extinguishing Fires |skill= Cooking |likes= Horse |dislikes= Airplanes |dream= A bride,
to own a bakery/florists' |motto= n/a |stone=Emerald |titles=Sailor Jupiter, Princess Jupiter
Kino Makoto ((木野 まこと, Kino Makoto, known as Lita Kino in the English adaptations) is the Sailor Senshi known as Sailor Jupiter.

Her name means "Sincerity of Wood", and her attacks are based around lightening and wood. Wood, in Chinese astrology, represents strength and flexibility.

She is very tall for her age, and studies the martial arts. She is very independant, as she was orphaned at an early age and has had to take care of herself. Her parents died in a plane crash, so thats why she's scared of planes. She sees herself as a protector, even before she became a sailor soldier. She is also curiously vulnerable - due to her need to take care of herself, she didn't have many close friends, until Usagi Tsukino offered to sit with her.

She transferred to Crossroads Junior High School after supposedly being expelled from her previous school for fighting (whether this is more truth than rumor and the exact details are never specified, at least in the anime). She still wore her old school's uniform to Crossroads because the school could not issue one in her size, causing her to stand out even more.

One of her quirks is that she is always obsessing over boys, who all look "just like" her old boyfriend.


Sailor Jupiter


Makoto, AKA Sailor Jupiter, as shown in the anime.

Her sailor suit has a dark green collar, dark green skirt, sugar pink front bow, sugar pink back bow, dark green small boots, a dark green choker with a gold star, and a green-stoned tiara. She wears pink rose-shaped earrings, and a special hair tie with two green round balls on it in Ratio 1 also add in wikipedia:Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All- Stars.

Princess Jupiter

During the Silver Millennium, she was the ruler of the planet Jupiter. She is the Sailor Soldier of Nature & Strength.

Queen Jupiter

She is now Ruler of the Planet Jupiter


  • Jupiter Power! (Make Up!): Using her 1st transformation pen, Lita transformed into the 1st version of Sailor Jupiter. Used from Sailor Moon Classic through to the Sailor Moon R Pt.2.
  • Jupiter Star Power! (Make Up!): Using her 2nd Star Transformation Power Stick to transform into the 2nd version of Sailor Jupiter, with stronger powers. Used from Sailor Moon R Pt. 2 to the middle of Sailor Moon SuperS.
  • Jupiter Crystal Power! (Make Up!): Using her 3rd Crystal and Rod given to her by Pegasus she transforms into Super Sailor Jupiter the 3rd and final form of Jupiter in the anime.


  • Supreme Thunder: Blasting powerful Thunderbolts to crush the enemy.
  • Supreme Thunder Dragon: An even more powerful version of Supreme Thunder, she creates a dragon out of thunder.
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure: Creating a bolt of electricity and thunder (A Less powerful version was called "Jupiter Thundercloud Zap").
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution: Blasting beams of light with the strength of an oak tree.


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