Template:InfoboxCharacterMakoto Kino (木野 まこと, Kino Makoto, known as Lita Kino in the English adaptations) is the Sailor Senshi known as Sailor Jupiter. Her name means "Faithfulness of Wood", and her attacks are based around lightning and wood. Wood, in Japanese astrology, represents strength and flexibility.


She is very tall for her age, and studies the martial arts. She is very independent, as she was orphaned at an early age and had to take care of herself. Her parents died in a plane crash, which is the reason why she is afraid of planes. She sees herself as a protector, even before she became a sailor senshi. She is also curiously vulnerable - due to her need to take care of herself, she didn't have many close friends, until Usagi Tsukino offered to sit with her. Makoto has always been a great cook which greatly impresses Usagi. When Makoto first appears she had an amazing looking lunch that she made herself and tempted Usagi to ask for a portion of it. Once Usagi made friends with her, Usagi realized that Makoto never hurt anyone and she was a wonderful friend.

If her style is very feminine. She is fairly tomboyish, but no as much as Haruka. She transferred to Juuban Municipal Junior High School after supposedly being expelled from her previous school for fighting. (whether this is more truth than rumor and the exact details are never specified in the anime, but in the manga she says that the wind led her to Juuban, along with the expulsion). She still wore her old school's uniform to Juuban because the school could not issue one in her size, causing her to stand out even more.

One of her quirks is that she is always obsessing over boys, whom she compares to her old "sempai" (boyfriend). She also posesses a tomboyish personality, which may be one of the reasons why she was very lonesome prior to meeting the other Senshi, as boys wouldn't dare to get close to her because she simply -although unintentionally- scared them. Her blood type is O.



Makoto, AKA Sailor Jupiter, as shown in the anime.


Makoto has dark green eyes and long wavy brown hair which she ties into a high ponytail with a band that has two green balls. Makoto lets two long strands of her hair loose at each side of her head. She is notably tall and always wears pink rose earrings. Makoto likes to wear clothes that are a bit tomboyish but stylish at the same time. She likes wearing sleevless shirts so in winter, she wears them with a long-sleeved shirt underneath.

Sailor Jupiter

File:Sailor jupiter manga.gif

Her sailor suit has a dark green collar, dark green skirt, sugar pink front bow, sugar pink back bow, dark green small boots, a dark green choker with a gold star, and a green-stoned tiara. She wears pink rose-shaped earrings, and a special hair tie with two green round balls on it.

Princess Jupiter

During the Silver Millennium, she was the ruler of the planet Jupiter. She is the Sailor Senshi of Nature & Strength. She wore a green strap dress with two little green roses at the hips. The dress is very long and has a split starting from the little green rose on the left side. She has a green choker and a green ribbon with a red rose in the center in her hair. She dwelt in castle lo and wore a green gown.



  • Flower Hurricane: Sailor Jupiter created flurries of flower blossoms that she used to blind or agitate her enemy.
  • Jupiter Thunderbolt: Sailor Jupiter's attack in the reprint manga, similar in appearance to Supreme Thunder.
  • Supreme Thunder : She sends bolts of electricity that were collected by her tiara. (Jupiter Thunder Crash in the dub)
  • Supreme Thunder Dragon : A more powerful version of Supreme Thunder, which was in the shape of a dragon.
  • Sparkling Wide Pressure : A ball of electricity was thrown from her hands.
  • Jupiter Coconut Cyclone: A blast of energy that Sailor Jupiter fired from her hand as wind swirled around her.
  • Super Supreme Thunder: An even more powerful version of Supreme Thunder.
  • Jupiter Oak Evolution : To perform this attack, Sailor Jupiter spun around and sent leaf-shaped blasts of energy at her target.


  • Makoto's very first appearance in the manga was at the end of Act 4, even though her identity wasn't revealed until Act 5.
  • The source of Makoto's income has been a debate amongst fans for awhile. Even though she was only 14-15 years old in the anime series, it was never explicitly stated how she was able to support herself, though a popular fan theory is that she lived on an inheritance left by her parents.
  • The extra long skirt of her previous school's uniform worn during her junior high period, together with the style of her shoes, was a symbol of delinquent or gangster school girls at the time. However, this costume was not reproduced in the live-action series, probably because times had changed and ultra-micro skirts were the standard of kogyaru, and it was inappropriate for the show's target audience of small children.
  • In the live-action series, Makoto was stated to have a great dislike of potatoes.
    Live action sailor jupiter

    Makoto/Sailor Jupiter in PGSM

  • Makoto's membership number in the Three Lights Fan Club was 1606.
  • Makoto's first name is pronounced the same as the words meaning "sincere" (誠) and "truth" (真). Originally, it was "Mamoru," meaning "to guard/protect."
  • Her full name is a pun on a phrase meaning "faithfulness of wood" (木の誠).
  • Jokes about Makoto's "talent" are often made by fans. This is a reference to DiC's dub episode 50, "Mirror, Mirror on the Wall" (episode 56, "Steal Mamoru's Kiss! An's Snow White Strategy"), where Lita said she should play the part of Snow White because she had more "talent," at the same time as her breasts were shown prominently on the screen. In the original, Makoto said outright that she should get the part because she had the biggest breasts.
  • Amongst the Inner Senshi, Makoto/Sailor Jupiter was the strongest physical fighter (while Usagi/Sailor Moon would be the strongest in terms of magical power). However, in episode 96 during the S season, she and Haruka/Sailor Uranus engaged in a scuffle which indicated that Haruka was even stronger.
    • However, Haruka's wrist was injured by a blow from Makoto, and she noted that Makoto was perhaps an equal match.
  • Jupiter, her guardian planet, is the largest planet in the Solar System. This cloud cloaked giant is also notable for its turbulent weather (e.g. huge storms, lightning, etc.).
  • During the planning stages of fore-running series Codename: Sailor V, Makoto was to appear in it called Mamoru Chino, who was strong, like her sailor counterpart, but was the leader of a girl-gang and smokes.
  • A running gag in the series is that Makoto finds every boy she meets to look like "the classmate who broke her heart". In the manga and the original Japanese version of the anime, he remains unnamed, but in the English dub, she refers to him as Freddy.
  • In the end of the PGSM Special Act, Makoto gets engaged to Motoki.
  • She resembles to Natsuhi Ushiromiya from the Umineko Series.(on her hair)
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