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"I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for Love and for Courage. I am Sailor Jupiter! I'll make you feel regret, it'll leave you numb!"
— Sailor Jupiter's stock introduction

Makoto Kino(木野 まこと, Kino Makoto) the civilian identity and present-day incarnation of Sailor Jupiter (セーラージュピター, Seeraa Juptiaa). She is the fourth Sailor Senshi to introduced in the anime.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Makoto: Sincerity or truth

Kino: The kanji of "Kino" (木野) can translate to "wood field" or "tree field."

"Kino" could mean "of the Tree" if it had been written with the possession-particle "の".

Her name completely in hiragana would be "きのまこと" (Kino Makoto).



Makoto has wavy chestnut hair that is always seen styled into a ponytail and held up by a green hair tie. She is also always seen wearing pink rose earrings on her earlobes. Makoto is very tall for a Japanese schoolgirl and is the tallest girl in the Inner Sailor Senshi.

Her school uniform is a white long-sleeved sailor uniform with white laced ribbon at the center and has a cross corset design on her uniform with two white designs with khaki linings in each side at the edge of her uniform, a long khaki skirt with a matching long lace ribbon at the back and black heels.

Her sailor uniform is khaki with two white linings attached. Her summon uniform is a contrast to other female students from her previous school as seen in the fourth season where she is friends with Tomoko during flashbacks. She retains her winter school uniform only her long sleeves are folded into cuffs to make it short sleeves.

Her casual outfits are mostly seen wearing pants or shorts in the first season up to the earlier fourth season. During the fourth season, she was seen wearing dresses. Her primary casual outfit is an orange and pale yellow jersey jacket with a yellow short-sleeved undershirt, pale blue jeans, and sneakers. She also wears a cap while wearing the outfit.

Sailor Senshi

She retains her civilian appearance and her pink rose earrings as she now wears a gold tiara on her forehead. Her standard Sailor uniform is dark green as the dominant color (skirt, collar, tiara stone, choker, glove ends, boots and the front brooch). Her front and back bow share the color of pink. Her boots just go a bit over the ankle, have a heel and can be tied with white laces.

Her dark green tiara stone within her tiara can elongate into a lightning antenna when she unleashes her lightning abilities.

As Super Sailor Jupiter, after gaining her "Super" upgrade from Pegasus, her choker had a gold star attached to it, her collar still had one stripe, the center of her front bow became a heart, the bottom of her shoulder pads became translucent, and her pink back bow was enlarged and lengthened.


Makoto Kino is a tomboyish teenage girl who transfers to Juban Public Middle School in the first season. Makoto had lost her parents in a plane accident when she was younger and lives on her own in an apartment. People are usually intimidated to approach her due to her height, tough appearance, strength, and ability to fight, and she was believed to have been kicked out of her previous school due to fighting.

She also practices karate. Despite her tomboyish exterior, Makoto is a kind person who enjoys cooking, gardening, flower arranging, handicrafts, and dreams to have a happy marriage and own a flower and bakery shop. Like the rest of the Sailor Senshi, her loyalty towards Usagi never faltered.

However, her tough side does kick in when she deems it's needed, like when seeing a friend being bullied by peers. She took down a group of boys who harassed Ami because of a rumor that her grades are a result of cheating.

Makoto's specialty is indeed her strength. If she feels weak, she puts in the effort to get stronger.

Makoto has a habit of always bringing up "the guy that dumped [her]."


Makoto was an orphan who lived alone and supported herself, becoming a talented cook in the process of learning how to take care of herself. She would grow to be a very tall girl for her age with impressive strength for her gender, leading many rumors to spread that she was a delinquent and avoid her.

One day, Makoto tried to confess her feelings to a boy she liked, but he rejected her out of distaste for her stature. She would later transfer to Juban Middle School.

Sailor Moon

Makoto is first introduced in Episode 25 when she beats up a group of guys for picking on Usagi. Later in the episode, Umino tells Usagi that Makoto was thrown out of her previous school for fighting and transferred to Juban Middle School. After visiting the Game Center Crown with Usagi, she meets Crane Game Joe.

Makoto comments on him and says that he looks like someone she knew and leaves the arcade.

After departing from the arcade, Makoto follows Joe long enough to witness him being attacked by Zoisite. Once Usagi shows up, Zoisite leaves and Makoto follows Joe and the two get something to eat. When they are attacked by Zoisite again, Joe flees but is found by Zoisite again along with Sailor Moon. After Joe turns into Gamecen, Makoto interferes in the battle and Luna recognizes her to be one of the Sailor Guardians. She tells her to use her transformation pen and says "Jupiter Power, Make Up," allowing Makoto to transform into Sailor Jupiter and weakens the youma with Supreme Thunder, allowing Sailor Moon to defeat it by healing Joe with Moon Healing Escalation. After defeating the youma, Makoto joins the Inner Sailor Senshi. She is the first person to be killed by the DD girls as she uses her own body while unleashing Supreme Thunder as a suicidal move.

Sailor Moon (Makai Tree arc)

Makoto, along with Ami, Rei, and Minako, had lost her memories after the first season and was living her life as a normal girl. In episode 48, she helped to take down Minotauron after Rei binds it with her ofuda before Luna restores all their memories of being friends and Sailor Senshi. In episode 49, Makoto becomes infatuated to Ail in his civilian form who gave him food for lunch. However, An became extremely jealous of them. When they talk to each other, An attacks them due to her jealousy towards Makoto and makes Ail go with her and summon a cardian. Both Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury arrive to help Makoto who finally transforms into Sailor Jupiter.

When Sailor Jupiter executes Supreme Thunder she was tied by a sushi cardian and cannot move both of her arms as both of her friends were caught. She was later saved by the Moonlight Knight and manages to free her by throwing the white rose to cut it off before he appears. Sailor Jupiter then chants and unleashed the full extent of her powers and executes Supreme Thunder Dragon on the cardian and Moonlight Knight convinces Sailor Moon to defeat it with Moon Princess Halation after she and Sailor Mercury were freed by Sailor Mars with her Fire Soul.

After defeating the cardian, Sailor Mercury asks her if Ail was the real Moonlight Knight she replies that Ail has never become the Moonlight Knight as she states to the Moonlight Knight. "That reminds me of my ex-boyfriend." much to the girls' disappointment and she was seen to be happy while she blushed.

Sailor Moon R (Black Moon arc)

In the Black Moon Clan arc, her rival is Petz one of the Spectre Sisters who manipulates dark lightning and she is sided with Calaveras. She and Minako are the ones who do not interest both Petz and Calaveras who disguised themselves as store clerks who are selling fake jewels which is a trap. Both girls transformed into their Senshi forms and go for a fight.

When they cannot defeat both Petz and Calaveras, they finally unleashed their new skill, after their old one as Sailor Jupiter demonstrates using Sparkling Wide Pressure towards Petz, while Sailor Venus uses Venus Love Me Chain towards Calaveras making their fight evenly matched and both sisters retreat. Sailor Jupiter also uses her ability to hit Petz in Episode 65 after she drops the dark moon strove stick when Sailor Venus hits her during the mist coming from Sailor Mercury's Shabon Spray.

Sailor Moon S

In episode 96, Makoto becomes infatuated with Haruka Tenou after she saves Usagi from being hit with her motorbike. But Usagi tells her that Haruka is a girl (after she reveals her true gender at the end of episode 92). Haruka puts her scarf to her wrist and she was sorry for hitting her bike and leaves. She wanted to return Haruka's scarf.

The scarf was now been engulfed with the black heart created by Professor Tomoe and becomes a Daimon Scar making her the second victim. She was saved by Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury as Kaolinite was angered to see them telling Scar not to waste their energy on them. However, both Sailor Uranus and Neptune are observing the turn of the events seeing that Makoto is the target of the daimon.

They will use her as a bait to find the real heart crystal. Haruka finally introduces Makoto to Michiru Kaiou and noticing that Haruka is an excellent driver. The girls were worried about her until Scar arrives, although he attacks both Haruka and Michiru, which they pretend being attacked, but transform to their Senshi forms while hiding to watch Makoto being constricted from Scar's ribbons. It hits a dark beam coming from the black star mark on her left breast which releases her heart crystal by it. When Kaolinite finally gets her heart crystal, Sailor Uranus appears and attacks her with World Shaking.

In Makoto's mind, she realizes that she was tricked by both Haruka and Michiru in their Sailor Senshi forms and finally shown their cold and neutral behavior towards them. Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi arrive on the scene to save her, as Sailor Neptune comes to their aid and as Sailor Uranus gives her heart crystal to Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury knowing that they did not need it anymore as Makoto's heart crystal was not pure. Makoto finally wakes up and became angry with both Sailor Uranus and Neptune for tricking her stating that it is not over yet and she transforms into Sailor Jupiter as she unleashes Sparkling Wide Pressure on Scar who victimized her and convinces Sailor Moon to defeat her using Moon Spiral Heart Attack.

After this, Sailor Jupiter stops both Sailor Uranus and Neptune from leaving and knowing that they are also searching for the pure heart crystals instead of returning it to its owner; that they are no better than the daimons. She was seen getting angry to Sailor Uranus for her cold behavior and she angrily states for what she had done to her from the very beginning: "You almost dipped me in Uranus and I won't forgive that!" and both are seen having a fistfight and she manages to injure her wrist but was being knocked down by Sailor Uranus as she punches her to her groin to make both her and Neptune escape.

Sailor Neptune discovers her injury as Sailor Uranus realizes that Sailor Jupiter was strong. Despite their Senshi forms however, Makoto still cares for Haruka as both her and Michiru are alive (while pretending they were knocked unconscious by the daimon Scar) and she puts Haruka's purple scarf on her injured right wrist (which she had injured her wrist as Sailor Jupiter during her fistfight with Sailor Uranus) after stating that she reminds her as her childhood friend and wanted to be like her. Makoto is later seen buying a pink scarf which is the same color of her front and back bow of her Senshi form as Ami had seen her when she goes to school with Usagi, Rei and Minako.

In episode 105, she trains vigorously after her attacks in her Senshi form, does not work on the upgraded daimons, with the help of her trainer named Tetsuo to learn how to discipline and focus. When Eudial victimizes Tetsuo for searching for the pure heart crystals. Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter and tries to fight the daimon that Eudial had released. Sailor Jupiter hits the monster using Sparkling Wide Pressure but missed when Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune arrive to aid her and she tells them that she can do this on her own.

Sailor Jupiter focuses on her energy, remembering what Tetsuo had told her before he was victimized, she finally hits the second time using Sparkling Wide Pressure and the daimon tries to dodge by spinning with his brush, but it directly hits him due to overuse, as it dissolves into dust and the black heart finally breaks.

Following Chibiusa's pure heart crystal was extracted by Professor Tomoe and being swallowed by Hotaru who now transforms into Mistress 9, she along with Usagi, Rei, Ami, and Minako transform to their Senshi forms to stop her and Pharoah 90 in Chibiusa'a honor. When Sailor Moon manages to get through, the four girls were blocked away. She and the other girls decided to take separate sides to form a Sailor Box to prevent Pharoah 90 from getting in. Once Mistress 9 takes possession of the Holy Grail, Pharoah 90 increased his strength dramatically causing the Sailor Box to be broken as she and the other girls got severely injured. After Super Sailor Moon rescues Hotaru who is now being reborn as a baby, they helped her in her weakened state.

In the aftermath, after the destruction of Pharoah 90 and Mugen Academy, Makoto knows both Haruka and Michiru's anti-heroic behaviors, where they blame Usagi for not being good enough as their future Queen of Crystal Tokyo and the Messiah of Peace in which she saves Hotaru instead of getting killed. She even called them traitors and wanted to fight them both. Only to be stopped by Tuxedo Mask and tells them that Sailor Moon can handle both of them.

Sailor Moon SuperS

In episode 133, Makoto recognizes the author of a famous novel about a Pegasus to be Tomoko Takase, a former classmate to her old school before she transfers to Azabu Juban. She remembers when she was bullied by two boys in her old school as Makoto scares them away and she was impressed with Tomoko's writing. She with Usagi and Chibiusa were unaware that Tiger's Eye has been spying on Tomoko which is his next target. When Tiger's Eye finally chooses Tomoko as his victim to see the mirror of her dreams, but her dream mirror does not have Pegasus in it.

Makoto, Usagi, and Chibiusa immediately transform into their Senshi forms and Sailor Jupiter attacks Tiger's Eye with her Sparkling Wide Pressure, angrily tells him to let Tomoko go and calls him a geek as the latter summons the monster who sets the time bomb on them. She threw the bomb after they were released by Tuxedo Mask, causing the monster to explode, convincing Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon to finish the job.

In episode 143 when the Inner Sailor Senshi finally upgrades to their super Sailor Senshi forms, Makoto was also a victim by Tiger's Eye after she dances with him at the dance festival when Fish's Eye orders him to do it. She realizes that Tiger's Eye was not her prince charming after all. When the Lemures that Fish's Eye summoned, begins to kill both Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon, Makoto angrily transforms into Super Sailor Jupiter and attacks the Lemures with her much stronger and more powerful Super Supreme Thunder attack to save both of them.

She states that she was deceived by her prince charming and tells them to finish the Lemures off. After this, she dances with Ami in the next school dance and stating that she will find her prince charming next time.

In episode 147, she and Minako almost breaking their friendship, due to a single man named Mr. Honjo who works as a kindergarten teacher—as both girls gained a crush on him. However, Mr. Honjo's son, Kotaro, always making pranks towards Minako. Meanwhile, Zirconia gives a card to VesVes, JunJun, and PallaPalla in which Mr. Honjo is their next target only to steal the card by CereCere after she lets the other three fell into a deep sleep with a sleeping powder within the flower that she's handling.

By the time, both Minako and Makoto are angry with each other, Mr. Honjo ends up being victimized by CereCere after she removes her disguise. She notices that his dream mirror does not have Pegasus within it, which she breaks her stick in half in frustration, only to be confronted by Super Sailor Moon and the group after the disguised rose bloom. CereCere summons her Plant Lemure to deal with the girls, as they were caught before they are almost being as it's plant food as Minako and Makoto arrive to help only to be constricted by the Lemure as they drop their crystal sticks.

By the time CereCere observes Mr. Honjo's dream mirror to be eaten by her summoned Lemure and to escape, she was confronted by an infuriated VesVes, PallaPalla, and JunJun after she steals the card from them earlier. They angrily confronted her for deceiving them, as they wanted to teach her a severe lesson.

Artemis later arrives as he gives both Makoto and Minako's Jupiter and Venus Crystal Change Rods, he tells them that the only way is to summon their new powers—similar to both Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars before being constricted with the Plant Lemune's vines, as both Makoto and Minako are channeling their energy with their thoughts as it lighted up their power sticks.

Both girls finally transform into Super Sailor Jupiter and Super Sailor Venus, as the duo confronted the Amazon Quartet, which the latter three are scolding at CereCere who angers at both of them. Super Sailor Venus manages to attack the group, with her most powerful attack Venus Love and Beauty Shock, while Super Sailor Jupiter disperses most of the plants to rescue Kotaro and her friends made by the Lemure with Jupiter Oak Evolution. Both girls reconcile their friendship, as they tell both Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon to defeat it.

After they defeat the Lemure, The Amazon Quartet flees the scene, but the trio still angers at CereCere from her deceptions. After the incident, both Makoto and Minako became horribly shocked, after learning that their crush Mr. Honjo is Kotaro's father—and he was married making the girls are laughing from their disappointment.

Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Makoto became the student of Azabu Juban Senior High School and wears a school uniform identical to both Usagi, Ami and Minako.

Sailor Senshi Info






  • Her first name is usually known to be a boy's name.
  • Makoto's membership number in the Three Lights Fan Club was 1606.
  • In the anime, Makoto had four image songs: It's Not Your Fault, Kissing in the Starlight, In Order To Forget, Don't Fall in Love, and We Believe You.
  • In Japan, brown hair connotes rebelliousness, which enhances Makoto's tough girl image.
  • In the original English dub, Makoto was named "Lita".
    • In early promotional videos for the English dub of the anime presented by DiC, Makoto was called "Sarah" or "Maggie".
  • Sailor Jupiter's planetary symbol (♃) stands for the Roman god's thunderbolt, an eagle or the Greek letter zeta (Z) for Zeus, the analogous to Jupiter. The difference between the symbol used in the Anime/Manga and the scientific symbol is, that the transforming sign is more likely to be shaped like an on the tip opened four (4).
  • In Episode 39, Artemis remarks than in the days of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Jupiter was the only one who could ice skate as well as Princess Serenity.
  • In the Viz Media English Dub from Sailor Moon through Sailor Moon SuperS as well as Sailor Moon Sailor Stars, Makoto's current English voice actress Amanda Celine Miller imitates the vocal performances between her Japanese voice actress Emi Shinohara and her original English voice actress Susan Roman to make her speak between their rough and deeper tone of their voices.
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