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Template:InfoboxCharacterMakoto Kino is the civilian identity of Sailor Jupiter. She has the same apperance as her manga and anime self. This is second live action depiction created by Naoko Takeuchi.


Makoto is 14 year old girl and is the tallest out of all the Senshi. She is tough and tomboyish, as she enjoys sports and athletics. Despite this, she is very protective of her friends. She is also a little bit boy crazy.

She lives alone in an apartment, as her parents had died in a plane crash when she was younger. Before she attends Juuban, she gets a feeling that she should move to a new area and leave her old school behind. At Juuban, however, there are rumors that say that she transferred there, because she got expelled from her old school. 


In PGSM, Makoto has dark straight hair that is styled into a ponytail. Her eyes are brown.


Makoto first appears when she sees a group of boys picking on Usagi and comes to her rescue. Usagi thanks her and later takes her to meet with Rei Hino. Once they meet, Rei senses that something is different about her, making both her and Luna suspect that she may be another Guardian. Like in other adaptions of the series, Makoto appears as a boy-crazy girl, a trait that is used to her disadvantage to lure her into a trap set by the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Moon comes to save her and during the process Makoto transforms into Sailor Jupiter.


Makoto in the kitchen
Makoto conversing with Rei at Hikawa Shrine
Makoto helping at Hikawa Shrine
Makoto and Usagi as nurses
Makoto cries in Minako's death
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