Makoto's Rose Earrings

Makoto's Rose Earrings

Makoto's earings



Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter

Used for

Wearing, combat

The Rose Earrings were earrings that Makoto Kino wore in many continuations of the series. She wore them in both her civilian and Sailor Senshi forms. The earrings were colored pink and shaped like roses. In Act 5 of the manga, after Makoto saved Usagi from being run over by a car, Usagi said that her earrings gave off a nice fragrance. Sailor Jupiter would sometimes throw these earrings at enemies. During Queen Nehellenia's revenge in episode 171 of the anime, Usagi was snapped out of her nightmare when she saw the earrings.


  • Many fans have speculated that they may be clip-on earrings since she can take them off so quickly. However, in episode 25, Usagi refers to them as pierced earrings.
  • Although these earrings were used in combat, they weren't part of any official attack on the series.
  • These earrings are a throwback to Makoto's sensitive side and her dream of owning a flower shop.


A single rose earring
A single rose earring in the anime