Makai Tree
Japanese: 魔界樹
Romanji: Makaiju
Residency: In space; briefly in Juuban Odyssey apartments

Space-dwelling tree


Ail and An (children)


Makai Tree

Gender: Probably inapplicable, but had a female voice
Species: Plant
First Appearance
Anime: Moon Revived! The Mysterious Aliens Appear
Anime Voiced By: Taeko Nakanishi (Japanese)
Elizabeth Hanna (English)

The Makai Tree is the driving force behind the first arc of Sailor Moon R. Ail and An are trying to gather life energy for the tree through the use of Cardians, which attack humans in attempts to drain their energy. This results in regular clashes between the Cardians and the Sailor Guardians.


Originally called the Tree of Life, the Makai Tree lived alone on a faraway planet, on an island in a vast ocean for countless years. Eventually, it decided to create life in the form of humanoid children. It gave life energy to these children, but eventually the children became greedy and began to fight over this power (The original English dub changed this tale by claiming that "evil forces" were responsible for corrupting the children).

When their fighting destroyed the planet, the Makai Tree fled into space with the surviving children, but eventually there were only two small children left (Ail and An). The tree was now weak and needed the energy of love to survive. Ail and An attempted to procure this energy through their use of Cardians, but eventually the tree itself spoke and said that energy acquired in such a way had been poisoning it for years and begged Sailor Moon for help. Sailor Moon used her power to purify the tree, which suddenly disappeared, and there was a fear that it had been destroyed. When Ail and An reunited, a small sapling appeared to them; the tree had been reborn, and the three of them are given a chance to start over. With the sapling in hand, Ail and An leave Earth for parts unknown.


  • In both the DiC English dub and ADV subtitles, the Makai Tree was named "the Doom Tree". In the DiC English dub only, the Doom Tree was formerly known as the "Tree of Life".


Makai Tree
Leaders Makai Tree
Protectors AilAn
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