Luna Tsukino is a character exclusive to Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and is the civilian identity of Sailor Luna. She is Usagi Tsukino's stuffed cat, who, after being healed with the Silver Crystal, could turn into a human and a Sailor Senshi; however she would turn back into cat form if she was frightened or if she sneezed.


While in her human form, Luna is depicted as a young child. She has dark blue hair, a trait that is carried over when she transforms into Sailor Luna. She also wears a dress made from yellow and purple fabric and her bracelet, which she uses as her transformation device.


In Act 27 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Luna is given a human form due to the presentation of the Silver Crystal. Its power also allows her to transform into Sailor Luna, by pulling out a cellphone and pressing the buttons 6-7-2 on it. The senshi seemed confused at first by the appearance of the girl and she only reveals her identity to them when she transforms.

However, Luna is unable to keep her transformation in certain circumstances. For example, if she sneezes or gets knocked out, she automatically reverts to her toy cat form. Also, she is still, in a way, a cat during her human form. This is shown when she is easily scared off by a dog and gets distracted when a bunch of bouncy balls are released in a toy store, much like any other cat would. Her role in the Tsukino family is much like that of Chibiusa's: she appears and no one seems to question it.

In the Special Act, Luna appears in the beginning, sensing something wrong, along with Rei, as well as in the end as the flower girl for Usagi and Mamoru's wedding.


  • Sailor Luna/Luna Tsukino had one image song in the live-action series: Sweet Little Resistance.
  • The live action series is the only adaption of Sailor Moon in which Luna's human form is a child, in all other versions she appears in, she is an adult.
  • Her PGSM appearance is also quite different from the other versions of human Luna. PGSM Luna has shorter hair which is tied into pigtails with odango, her bangs are different and in senshi form, she has cat ears and a tail.
  • She's also the only human Luna to have a senshi form.


Sailor Luna in the Original design
Naoko Takeuchi's original design of Sailor Luna and her human design in PGSM
Official Concept of Luna Tsukino
Another official poster based on all Luna's counterparts.

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