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Luna is Usagi's black guardian cat, as well as her and the other Sailor Guardians' adviser. She lives with Usagi and she is shown growing close to Artemis, another feline guardian who belongs to Sailor Venus.

Nomenclature & Etymology[]

Luna means moon in multiple languages.


In her cat form, Luna is black with sleek fur, and has blue eyes and a golden crescent moon mark on her forehead.

She is very cute and petite with long whiskers.

In her human form, Luna is a young, slim and frail woman with curly, long black hair which reaches her waist and has two buns on the sides. Her forehead bears the same crescent moon mark that she wears as a cat, and which are also featured on her gold earrings. A yellow ribbon is tied into a bow around her neck as well as crescent moon necklace. She also has an gold anklet of the same design above her foot. She wears an elegant, sleeveless flowing gown which is yellow and black and is shorter in the front than in the back, and black-heeled shoes. Her eyes are aqua blue, and she appears to retain her cat-like features.


In the manga, Sailor Tin Nyanko says that Luna, Artemis and Diana are creatures of the planet Mau.


  • The Sailor Moon "Materials Collection" states as a human, her age is "about one year below Usagi's" (as of Usagi's age when Luna first appears in her human form).