Venus Planet Power, Make UpVenus Power, Love Crescent ShowerVenus Power, Make Up
Venus Star Power, Make UpVenus Sulphur SmokeVenus Ten Billion Volt Rock N' Rouge
Venus Wink Chain SwordVesVes (anime)VesVes / Sailor Vesta (Sera Myu)
VesVes / Sailor Vesta (manga)Vicious EmeraldViluy (Crystal)
Viluy (Sera Myu)Viluy (anime)Viluy (manga)
Viva, Viva Dead Moon CircusVivianVol.10 - Sailor V in Trouble?!
Vol.11 - Pet Chapter 1, Nyan-Nyan's Schemes!Vol.12 - Pet Chapter 2, Wan-Wan's Schemes!Vol.13 - Pet Chapter 3, Chuu Chuu's Schemes
Vol.14 - The Man Who Bet on the Headband StoneVol.15 - A New Journey Begins (Part 1)Vol.16 - A New Journey Begins (Part 2)
Vol.1 - The Birth of Sailor V!Vol.2 - Minako in "Game Center Crown"Vol.3 - Sailor V Arrives! - "Channel 44" Pandora's Ambition
Vol.4 - The Ambition of Petite PandoraVol.5 - The Machinations of the Dark AgencyVol.6 - Showdown! Sailor V vs Cyber-Girl Warrior Lurga
Vol.7 - Sailor V on Vacation - Desire for Hawaii!Vol.8 - Love on the Boulevard - Full Throttle TurboVol.9 - Sailor V vs deVleene!
Wakagi's brotherWake Up! Usagi!Wake Up Shining
Wan-WanWandering StarsWandering Stars (Ballad Version)
Wanting to Be Together with You (single)Wataru AmanogawaWater Bullet
Water StreamWave AttackWe'll Be The Last Victory
We Are Your NemesisWe Believe YouWe Can’t Be The Guardians of Love Forever
We Drifted Ashore, But...We KnowWe Love Fashion: The Stylish Guardians
We are the Dark KingdomWe are the Pretty GuardiansWelcome Hare Hare Hire Hare
Welcome Nakayoshi ParkWe’ve Become One AgainWhat For!? The Fruits of Truth
When Black Lady SingsWhen Destiny CallsWhen It Comes to Winter
When the Crystal Shines: The Beautiful Power of DreamsWhether it Rains or ShinesWho Do You Think You Are?
Who Is the True Messiah? Chaos of Light and DarknessWho am I?Why Is This So Familiar?
WidowWing Hair ClipsWiseman's Evil Hand: Chibi-Usa Disappears
Wiseman (Crystal)Wiseman (Sera Myu)Wiseman (anime)
Wiseman (manga)WishWish Upon a Star: Naru’s First Love
Witches 5Witches 5's StaffWitches Electric Warp
Without Casting Hope AwayWomen Must Be Strong and Beautiful: Rei’s New Special TechniqueWorld Shaking
Xenian FlowerXenotime and ZeoliteYamagishi
YamandakkaYashaYaten Kou / Sailor Star Healer (Sera Myu)
Yaten Kou / Sailor Star Healer (anime)Yaten Kou / Sailor Star Healer (manga)Yosaku Eda
Yoshiki KurebayashiYoshiki UsuiYoshiko Kayama
You'll Be In My HeartYou're Just My LoveYou're My Jewelry
You Can't Just DreamYoumaYouma Taisan
Yuji KayamaYumemi YumenoYumiko
Yusuke AmadeYuu KazamaYuuichirou Kumada
Yuuji KimuraZeg het ToverwoordZeta
Zigzag SlashZilpah SapphireZircon
Zirconia (Sera Myu)Zirconia (anime)Zirconia (manga)
Zoisite (Crystal)Zoisite (PGSM)Zoisite (Sera Myu)
Zoisite (anime)Zoisite (disambiguation)Zoisite (manga)
Zoyrin Geller
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