File:Sailor Moon crystal3.pngFile:Sailor Moon crystal Shitennō episode 12.jpgFile:Sailor Moon crytal.png
File:Sailor Moon e il Cristallo del Cuore sigla completaFile:Sailor Moon e il cristallo del cuoreFile:Sailor Moon e il mistero dei sogni - Cristina D'Avena (sigla completa)
File:Sailor Moon e il mistero dei sogni sigla completaFile:Sailor Moon french soundtack.jpgFile:Sailor Moon i Sailor ChibiMoon speech Movie S
File:Sailor Moon i Sailor ChibiMoon speech SuperS MovieFile:Sailor Moon in PGSM.JPGFile:Sailor Moon intro episode 2.png
File:Sailor Moon offers Shakoukai coffee.pngFile:Sailor Moon op moonlight densetsu Haruka's verFile:Sailor Moon performs the Scepter Ellimination.jpg
File:Sailor Moon pose 3.jpgFile:Sailor Moon poses (background 1).jpgFile:Sailor Moon poses (background 2).jpg
File:Sailor Moon screaming in anguish.pngFile:Sailor Moon stock introduction- Crystal S1File:Sailor Moon stock introduction- Crystal S2
File:Sailor Moon stock introduction- Crystal S3 EditedFile:Sailor Moon stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (R)File:Sailor Moon stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (S)
File:Sailor Moon uses her clips.jpgFile:Sailor Moon with a cut on her face.jpgFile:Sailor Moon with the Holy Blade.png
File:Sailor Moon x ItsDemo.jpgFile:Sailor Moon x Spinns Collab.jpgFile:Sailor Moon~Soundtrack~02~ Ai Kotoba wa Moon Prism Power Make-Up! (Ai ha Doko Aru No)
File:Sailor N.PNGFile:Sailor Neptune's final pose (1994).pngFile:Sailor NeptuneSMC3ACT29.png
File:Sailor NeptuneSMC3ACT32.pngFile:Sailor NeptuneSMC3ACT33.pngFile:Sailor NeptuneSMC3ACT34.png
File:Sailor NeptuneSMC3ACT35.pngFile:Sailor NeptuneSMC3ACT36.pngFile:Sailor NeptuneSMCACT37.png
File:Sailor NeptuneSMCACT38.pngFile:Sailor Neptune 3.jpgFile:Sailor Neptune Pluto Uranus Concept Art.jpg
File:Sailor Neptune Portrait.pngFile:Sailor Neptune SMD.pngFile:Sailor Neptune Season III.png
File:Sailor Neptune in the Manga.jpgFile:Sailor Neptune on the back of Volume 8.jpgFile:Sailor Phi.JPG
File:Sailor Planet Attack (High Quality)File:Sailor Planet Attack - 90’s First Anime (S season)File:Sailor Planet Attack – (R Movie)
File:Sailor Planet Attack – 90’s First Anime (R season)File:Sailor Planet Attack – 90’s First Anime (R season)-0File:Sailor Planet Attack – 90’s First Anime (Super S Season)
File:Sailor Planet Attack – CrystalFile:Sailor Planet Attack – PGSMFile:Sailor Planet Power
File:Sailor Pluto's final pose (1994).pngFile:Sailor Pluto.pngFile:Sailor PlutoSMC3ACT36.png
File:Sailor PlutoSMC3ACT37.pngFile:Sailor PlutoSMC3ACT38.pngFile:Sailor Pluto - Pluto Planet Power, Make Up!
File:Sailor Pluto - Transformation Sailor Moon Crystal III By Mobi0392File:Sailor Pluto 2.jpgFile:Sailor Pluto Concept Art.jpg
File:Sailor Pluto Crystal202.pngFile:Sailor Pluto Crystal203.pngFile:Sailor Pluto Crystal204.png
File:Sailor Pluto Garnet Ball Crystal S3File:Sailor Pluto Looking Back.jpgFile:Sailor Pluto Portrait.png
File:Sailor Pluto Season III.pngFile:Sailor Pluto and Diana.jpgFile:Sailor Pluto atak .gif
File:Sailor Pluto poses.jpgFile:Sailor Pluto with the Garnet Orb.gifFile:Sailor Power Sticks Crystal.jpg
File:Sailor Rabbit.PNGFile:Sailor Rabbit Fight.pngFile:Sailor Saturn's Crystal.jpg
File:Sailor Saturn's face.pngFile:Sailor Saturn.pngFile:Sailor Saturn - Saturn Planet Power Make Up! ( Game )
File:Sailor Saturn Awakens.pngFile:Sailor Saturn Concept Art.jpgFile:Sailor Saturn SMD-0.png
File:Sailor Saturn SMD.pngFile:Sailor Saturn Season III.pngFile:Sailor Saturn Theme
File:Sailor Saturn fight.pngFile:Sailor Saturn’s stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (Sailor Stars)File:Sailor Scout Memories.jpg
File:Sailor Senshi Special AttacksFile:Sailor Special Garlic AttackFile:Sailor Star Fighter 2.jpg
File:Sailor Star Fighter Concept Art.jpgFile:Sailor Star Fighter Manga.jpgFile:Sailor Star Fighter Sketch.jpg
File:Sailor Star Fighter Song - Ginga Ichi Mibun Chigai na Kataomoi (One-Sided Love)File:Sailor Star Fighter’s stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (Sailor Stars)File:Sailor Star Healer 2.jpg
File:Sailor Star Healer’s stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (Sailor Stars)File:Sailor Star Maker’s stock introduction - 90’s First Anime (Sailor Stars)File:Sailor Star Tambourines.jpg
File:Sailor Starlights and the Three Lights.jpgFile:Sailor Starlights speechFile:Sailor Stars 1.jpg
File:Sailor Stars 2.jpgFile:Sailor Stars 3.jpgFile:Sailor Stars 4.jpg
File:Sailor Stars 5.jpgFile:Sailor Stars 6.jpgFile:Sailor Stars Music Collection 2.jpg
File:Sailor Stars Song (full)File:Sailor Stars Song CD.jpgFile:Sailor Stars Song Single Back.jpg
File:Sailor Stars Song Single Lyrics.jpgFile:Sailor Team Arina Tanemura.jpgFile:Sailor Teleport.png
File:Sailor Things-18470.jpgFile:Sailor Uranus' final pose (1994).pngFile:Sailor Uranus(2).png
File:Sailor Uranus(7).pngFile:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT27-0.pngFile:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT30.png
File:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT32.pngFile:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT32B.pngFile:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT33.png
File:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT34.pngFile:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT35.pngFile:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT36.png
File:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT37.pngFile:Sailor UranusSMC3ACT38.pngFile:Sailor Uranus - Uranus Planet Power, Make Up!
File:Sailor Uranus Portrait.pngFile:Sailor Uranus SMD.pngFile:Sailor Uranus Season III.png
File:Sailor Uranus Song - Initial UFile:Sailor Uranus Song - Kaze ni Naritai (I Want to Become the Wind)File:Sailor Uranus Unofficial Song - Kaze ni Naru (Becoming the Wind) - OGATA Megumi
File:Sailor Uranus anime pose.jpgFile:Sailor Uranus performs the World Shaking Attack.jpgFile:Sailor V-1.png
File:Sailor V.pngFile:Sailor V & Minako.jpgFile:Sailor V 7.jpg
File:Sailor V Anime Document Proposal.jpgFile:Sailor V Chapter 4.jpgFile:Sailor V Chapter 7.jpg
File:Sailor V Chop.gifFile:Sailor V Hawaiian.jpgFile:Sailor V Kick!.jpg
File:Sailor V Kick 2.jpgFile:Sailor V Kicks the Youma.jpgFile:Sailor V PGSM.jpg
File:Sailor V Poster Crystal.pngFile:Sailor V SMD.pngFile:Sailor V Vol 1 1R.jpg
File:Sailor V and Artemis (Act 6 Crystal).pngFile:Sailor V and Venus concept art..jpgFile:Sailor V data.gif
File:Sailor V eyecatchFile:Sailor V newspaper.jpgFile:Sailor V with Artemis Card.jpg
File:Sailor Venus' final pose (1992).pngFile:Sailor Venus' pose (R Movie).pngFile:Sailor Venus-Crescent Beam!
File:Sailor Venus - C'est La VieFile:Sailor Venus - Crystal - Close Up.jpgFile:Sailor Venus 2.jpg
File:Sailor Venus 3.jpgFile:Sailor Venus Crystal 7.jpgFile:Sailor Venus Crystal Rolling Heart Vibration
File:Sailor Venus Kanzanban 5.jpgFile:Sailor Venus Love-Me Chain.pngFile:Sailor Venus PGSM.PNG
File:Sailor Venus Portrait.pngFile:Sailor Venus R Single.jpgFile:Sailor Venus Season III.png
File:Sailor Venus Song - Ai no Megami no How To Love (The Goddess of Love's 'How to Love')File:Sailor Venus Song - Anata no Yume wo Mita wa (I Saw Your Dream)File:Sailor Venus Song - Route Venus
File:Sailor Venus Song - Route Venus-0File:Sailor Venus Song - Setsunakute Ii (I'll Stand Alone)File:Sailor Venus as Moon.PNG
File:Sailor Venus performs the Cresent Beam Smash.jpgFile:Sailor Venus poses (background 1).jpgFile:Sailor Venus stock introduction - S1
File:Sailor Venus’s stock introductionFile:Sailor Venus’s stock introduction - (R)File:Sailor chibi chibi.png
File:Sailor galaxia.pngFile:Sailor jupiter atak .gifFile:Sailor jupiter counter crash by shadowjupiter-d4drtnb.gif
File:Sailor jupiter pose.jpgFile:Sailor luna portrait.jpgFile:Sailor mau.png
File:Sailor mercury poisoning by shadowjupiter-d4drsb5.gifFile:Sailor mercury wallpaper-other.jpgFile:Sailor mini moon.jpg
File:Sailor moon- all around the world (lalala)File:Sailor moon - around the world ( La La La )File:Sailor moon 01 luna freaking out with bandage on head.jpg
File:Sailor moon 01 running into mamoru.jpgFile:Sailor moon R movie ribbons.jpgFile:Sailor moon Shitennō manga 014.gif
File:Sailor moon Shitennō manga 059.gifFile:Sailor moon Shitennō manga color SM.pngFile:Sailor moon christmas cd.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal 03 jadeite dying.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 03 phobos deimos.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 03 rei hino school uniform.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal 03 sailor mars transformation.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 03 usagi charm in her face.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 03 usagi watch.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal 04 dip.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 04 endymion.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 04 mamoru chiba bio.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal 04 no cats allowed.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 04 rei blushing.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 04 rei usagi and ami as princesses.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal 04 silver crystal.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 04 usagi and mamoru dancing.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal 04 usagis handkerchief.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal 1646466464.pngFile:Sailor moon crystal act 16 ami and naru swimming-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 16 berthier-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 16 berthier of the ayakashi sisters-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 16 chibiusa always hides in the park-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 16 chibiusa in 30th century crystal tokyo-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 16 chibiusa with endymion-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 16 sailor mars-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 16 sailor mercury and her visor-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 16 sailor moon mad at chibiusa-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 16 usagi cheering inappropriately and yusuke from yu yu hakusho-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 16 usagi naru and ami in swimsuits-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 17 chibiusas top is now white-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 17 neo queen serenity-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 17 sailor jupiter abducted-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 17 sailor jupiter clone attacking sailor jupiter-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 17 secret sailor jupiter.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 18 calaveras-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 18 invasion sailor venus-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 18 momoko and ikuko mama-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 18 moon tiara boomerang-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 18 the shitennou as ghosts-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 19 chibiusa falling blue uniform-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 19 princess chibiusa-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 19 queen serenitys tomb-1009x1024.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 19 sailor moon cracking-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 19 time warp sailor pluto-1024x576.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 20 chibiusa and diana.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 20 crystal tokyo king endymion-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 20 diana.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 20 diana sleeping.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 20 esmeraude and her magic arms.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 20 esmeraude grabs sailor venus moon and tuxedo mask with her 3 arms.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 20 future sailor mars and jupiter.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 20 neo queen serenity gives the face.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 20 sailor moon learns chibiusa is her daughter.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 20 sailor pluto shakes the hand of the future wife of the man she loves.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 20 sailor venus lands on everyone.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 20 tuxedo mask disapearing too.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 20 usagi cries about everything.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 ami makoto and rei.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 black lady and mamoru.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 21 chibiusa steals the silver crystal.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 chibusa gets bullied for not looking exactly like her mother.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 crystal tokyo as seen from the sky.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 21 cutie moon rod damaged.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 naked mamoru.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 neo queen serenity.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 21 neo queen serenity fights the death phantom.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 prince demande kidnaps sailor moon.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 prince demande kisses neo queen serenity.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 21 sailor pluto and chibiusa.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 sailor pluto loves king endymion.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 21 the criminal that became the death phantom.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 21 wise man recruits the black moon clan.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 22 a building on nemesis.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 22 black lady3.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 22 chibiusa correct top taking wise mans hand.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 22 death phantom.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 22 droids veneti and aquatici.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 22 saphir tries to kill usagi.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 22 the sailor guardians new background.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 22 usagi as queen serenity.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 22 usagi channels neo queen serenity.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 22 venus stays in the libary.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 24 prince demande kills his brother saphir.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 24 saphir and his demon hands.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 25 sailor pluto dies.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 26 chibiusa has a transformation brooch and a letter from her mother.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 26 letter from neo queen serenity2.jpegFile:Sailor moon crystal act 33 neo queen serenity creates a paradox.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal act 35 princess and queen serenity.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal act 37(2).pngFile:Sailor moon crystal act 37(3).pngFile:Sailor moon crystal act 37(4).png
File:Sailor moon crystal act 37(5).pngFile:Sailor moon crystal act 37(6).pngFile:Sailor moon crystal act 37(7).png
File:Sailor moon crystal act 37.pngFile:Sailor moon crystal act 38 infinity 12 infinite journey-1024x576.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal infinity arc character art.jpg
File:Sailor moon crystal mamoru 49446.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal mamoru 61646164.pngFile:Sailor moon crystal sailor pluto by yifle1-d8dmhbt.png
File:Sailor moon crystal season 2 trailer the key of space and time and the future silver crystal.jpgFile:Sailor moon crystal season 3 logo.pngFile:Sailor moon crystal wallpaper i by xuweisen-d7u3ds2.jpg
File:Sailor moon episode 110 usagi knocks eudial over-300x225.jpgFile:Sailor moon eternal sailor mercury design-300x169.jpgFile:Sailor moon jupiter.png
File:Sailor moon kick.gifFile:Sailor moon le mouvement final poster.jpgFile:Sailor moon mars.png
File:Sailor moon mercury.pngFile:Sailor moon moon.pngFile:Sailor moon neptune.png
File:Sailor moon pluto.pngFile:Sailor moon rescueing Naru.jpgFile:Sailor moon s episode 114 minako advances to the next stage.jpg
File:Sailor moon s episode 120.jpgFile:Sailor moon saturn.jpgFile:Sailor moon saturn.png
File:Sailor moon uranus.pngFile:Sailor moon venus.pngFile:Sailor planet attack pgsm.gif
File:Sailor pluto.jpgFile:Sailor plutoSMC3ACT34.pngFile:Sailor pluto crystal render by martinredfield-d8tgrzo.png
File:Sailor uranus 2.jpgFile:Sailor v anime.jpgFile:Sailor venus charm illusion by shadowjupiter-d4drtvh.gif
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