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This is a list of things that need to be done on this Wikia to improve it.

The list

  • Finish and clean up the foreign voice actors pages
  • Cleaning up any and all pages
  • Finish and clean up episode pages
  • Add, clean, and complete anime character pages
  • Add, clean, and complete PGSM character pages
  • Add, clean and complete Sera Myu character pages
  • Finish voice actors and actresses pages
  • Finish PGSM actors and actresses pages
  • Keep up with and clean and finish merchandise pages
  • Keep up with any new information on the new Sailor Moon anime or any Sailor Moon news in general
  • Find more active users to help with the Wiki
  • Think of any ideas to promote the Wiki further
  • Make sure all pages have their correct templates on them
  • Finish video game pages
  • Fix articles that have been copied off places such as Wikipedia and WikiMoon.
  • Source where our pictures came from
  • Find and add clearer pictures to articles
  • Think of ideas together for new polls for our users
  • Clean up the song pages
  • Check often for unused photos
  • Categorized photos
  • Continued adding and editing wanted pages
  • Replace any photos directly from WikiMoon (unless there is no other option (i.e. one good picture of character, merchandise, etc.))
  • Finish adding and editing pages that need to be made
  • Replace photos in infobox on manga pages to original Japanese
  • Try to affiliate with other Wikis
  • Complete gallery pages for any major characters for all of their incarnations.
  • Add, clean, and complete pages for Sailor Moon in other countries, especially the Sailor Moon in North America page.