Lip Rod




Japanese: リップロッド
Romanji: Rippu Roddo
User(s): Sailor Uranus
Sailor Neptune
Sailor Pluto
Sailor Saturn (video games only)
Used For: Transforming into their standard Senshi forms
Attacks: World Shaking (Uranus)
Deep Submerge (Neptune)
Dead Scream (Pluto)
First Appearance
Anime: The Bond of Destiny! Distant Days of Uranus (Uranus and Neptune)
The Grail's Divine Power! Moon Double Transformation! (Pluto)

"Lip Rods" are rods that Sailor Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto use to transform into their regular Sailor Senshi forms in the 90s anime. In video games, Sailor Saturn also uses it to transform.


Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna use these to transform, as mentioned before. However, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn were introduced in the third season, while Pluto was first introduced in Season Two, known as "the Guardian of Space-Time."

Unlike the four Inner Sailor Senshi, who got their various Transformation Pens and sticks, from Luna or Artemis, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto generated their own Lip Rods when they were absolutely needed as Sailor Soldiers.

Haruka's Lip Rod appeared when she was being attacked by the Unnamed Daimon.



Their Lip Rods are the same except for the figure of their planets at the top of their rods. Their rod is a light blue stick with a small gold knob at the end. In the middle of the rod was a hot pink frame heart, light blue inside, golden sides, and a small gold circle on top of the heart. The heart carries the figures on top of it. Uranus’s figure was an orb with two intersecting rings that form a "V” shape which is colored admiral blue. Neptune’s figure is a crescent with a disc that passes through the center in a diagonal angle colored turquoise. Pluto’s figure is an orb that has two other small orbs on each side of it which is in heather purple. On top of each figure is a 6-pointed gold star with the symbol of their respective planet.


The Gashapon released in 2015 is very similar to the appearances of the Lip Rods in the anime except for a few things: Pluto’s orb has been turned silver, the inside of the heart is now a mirror, the stick has been turned transparent and pink as there is fake lipstick inside it which can be pulled out using the knobs, the knobs at the end of the rod had their colors changed to the colors of their orbs/crescent, the knobs also had the planetary symbols of the Outer Senshi. It also looks similar to the toys released in the 90s except the Gashapons are smaller.


Sailor Moon S



  • Regardless being the reincarnation of Sailor Saturn, Hotaru Tomoe is the only one without a transformation item.
    • Some fans believe she has a brooch. It is up for speculation.
  • The term Lip Rod was invented by fans. The term was inspired by Pluto, Uranus, and Neptune's transformation sequence, as theirs were the only ones to have lip gloss visibly applied on their lips during transformation.
  • Some fans speculated that the spelling in romanji is Rippu Roddo.
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