Linda Evangeligeli
リンダ エヴァンゲリゲリ
Rinda Evu~angerigeri
Japanese: リンダ エヴァンゲリゲリ
Romanji: Rinda Evu~angerigeri'

Bridal shop worker, model


Ten sisters


Her ten sisters, pet cat, Coattail Mask

Gender: Female
Species: Human
First Appearance
Manga: Codename: Sailor V Chapter 12

Linda Evangeligeli is the main character of the fictional manga Aurora ♥ Wedding, a manga series made by Marie Buraidaru that exists only in the Codename: Sailor V universe.


In the manga, she worked as a model at the bridal shop that she and her nine sisters ran by day. By night, she and her sisters turned into warriors of justice who worked hard at defeating enemies. Later on in the series, her sisters got married and retired from thier lives as crime fighters, making her the only crime fighter left. At the end of the series, she gets married to Coattail Mask, a man who always saves her on her missions.



  • When seen in one panel of the Manga, she was shown to be holding the Crystal Carillon.
  • Her name might be an homage to the model Linda Evangelista, who was famously misquoted for stating "We won't get out of bed for less than $10,000".
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