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Lilica Hubert is a transfer student at Chibiusa's school. She is a very pretty girl and is popular with her schoolmates, and supposedly the daughter of an ambassador, but in actuality is a vampire with no affiliation to the other enemies of the Sailor Guardians.


Lilica Hubert has long waist-length hair and clear crystal-like eyes. She has pearly white skin, sandal-like shoes and wears a short dress.

Vampire Form

In her Vampire form, Lilica has an even paler skin tone and red hair. She wears a purple and pink dress with yellow roses trimming the bodice. She has black bat wings, to resemble a bat.


The manga storyline is similar to the anime, except that Lilica and her mother, both vampires, live at the embassy of the U Country and prey on Chibiusa's classmates. They are confronted by Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus, and after a brief fight, Chibiusa stuns them with her Garlic Attack, after which they were destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation, turns into a flower and crumbles.



  • In the manga, Lilica is killed by Sailor Moon's Moon Princess Halation, unlike in the anime where she is healed by Sailor Moon.