Human Racy

Racy before transforming.

Racy (Reci)
is the fifth Cardian sent by Alan and Ann to gather energy for the Doom Tree. She is a tree-like creature who can attack with blasts of energy as well as draining energy from living beings. In her true form, she has branches for arms with retractable claws, and roots for legs. She was able to send Sailor Moon into another dimension. She appeared in Episode 5 of Sailor Moon R.

At a picnic, Racy drained the energy out of Melvin, Molly, and Miss Haruna, leaving them unconscious. She also drained more energy from Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina and trapped them inside individual energy chambers. Sailor Moon tried to stop her but Racy destroyed her locket, reversing her transformation. She then sucked Serena and Luna into a portal where they were nearly killed but saw Queen Serenity, who used the silver crystal to restore Sailor Moon's locket, and gave her a more powerful transformation: Moon Crystal Power.

When Sailor Moon returned to fight Racy, the rest of the Scouts were nearly dead and being consumed by the tree that Racy was inside earlier. With an assist from Moonlight Knight, Racy became the first of many victims of Sailor Moon's "Moon Scepter Elimination". Despite her death, Racy was one of the most powerful Cardians and still managed to drain a large amount of energy for Ann and Alan.

  • Racy at first seems to be a beautiful woman but in her true form she has a demonic face and plant-like characteristics.
  • Racy can only repeat her name in the original anime but in the English dub she is capable of speaking.
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