"Lemures" (レムレス), or "Remless" in the CWi English dub, are the creatures that the Amazon Trio and Amazoness Quartet sent to fight the Sailor Guardians in the Dream arc of the manga and the 4th season of the anime series.


In the manga, most Lemures were small, dark, formless creatures that attacked in large groups.


Unlike most monsters (with the exception of Eudial's Daimons), they are never directly involved in an evil plan. After a Dream Mirror is extracted, the Lemure is merely summoned to fight the Sailor Guardians whenever they try to interfere. They are summoned from a shadow. All of them were destroyed by Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation.

Lemures often have appearances of things that would appear in a circus, like clowns, jugglers, or even balloons and balls. As the show progresses, the Lemures get goofier and goofier, as pointed out by Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon during the fight with Ponko. The ones who resemble balloons seem to be related to each other.

The Lemures sent by the Amazoness Quartet usually have repeated words in their names (like Garagara and Kerokero), and eat the dream mirrors once they are extracted, usually through an extra mouth on their chest. The mirror would be released unharmed whenever Sailor Moon destroyed them.

When they are destroyed, the Amazon Trio's Lemures cracked into pieces and disappeared, while Amazoness Quartet's Lemures shattered into pieces violently. They would say "Stage Out" before they were destroyed.

It is ultimately revealed that they are the "living ghosts" of the people of Queen Nehellenia, whose dream mirrors were taken by her. They were given to her seemingly willingly, but it is unlikely they knew the cost allowing this. 

Amazon Trio

Amazoness Quartet


  • Mr. Magic Pierrot is the only Lemures to be summoned by Zirconia.
  • The Lemures seen at the Dead Moon Circus tent are always different from the ones chosen to fight the Sailor Senshi.
  • In episode 158 of the anime, Lemures similar to the ones in the manga are shown chasing Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon after their ages get switched by PallaPalla.
  • This is strongly hinted in their English name, "Remless": 'rem' as in REM sleep, the state of sleep a person dreams, and 'less' meaning of course without.

Dead Moon Circus
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