Lake Yo-Kai
Mizūmi no Yōkai

Human turned aquatic monster




Sailor Moon's Moon Healing Escalation

First Appearance

The Legendary Lake Monster! Usagi's Family Ties


Aya Hara (Japanese anime)

The Lake Yo-Kai is an evil water spirit that only appeared in the anime. According to a legend, a girl was rejected by a man she loved for another woman. Her jealousy and hatred transformed her into a monster and she attacked her village, but was sealed away into the lake by man she loved and the other woman, who became "legendary lovers".

In episode 40, the evil Endymion awakens her so that she can work for the Dark Kingdom, but is unable to control her. She attacks the Sailor Senshi, but Sailor Moon heals her with Moon Healing Escalation, turning her back into her original form, the spirit of a girl. With her heart and soul redeemed and purified, the girl finally ascended to the heavens.



  • At the end, Usagi says, referring to the water sprite, "I hope I never get so jealous that I turn into some creeped out monster". This happens with Esmeraude in the episode 85, when Wiseman gives her a crown and combined with her jealousy transforms her into a hideous dragon.
  • This is the first monster that Sailor Moon fought in the anime that had no affiliation to the major antagonist group of the season.
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