Kyokubadanko is the second Lemure that was sent by Tiger's Eye to fight the Sailor Guardians during his attack on Reika Nishimura

Nomenclature and Etymology

The "Kyokubadan" part of her name comes from the word "曲馬団" which means "circus troupe." The "ko" part of her name comes from the word "子," which means "girl".


Kyokubadanko has white skin with dark pink-red hair in a small afro. There are two stands of straight hair hanging down the sides of her face in front of pointed ears and parts of her afro are tied into bunches. Her eyes are a dark yellow and she has blue face paint along her cheeks. She also wears red lipstick and purple eyeshadow. Her outfit consists of a black bra in a trio of diamonds with red diamonds hanging from each. She has a matching black choker with the game style of gem hanging from it. Her loves are long and dark purple and she wears a black pleated tutu over a fluffy red-orange skirt. She has black leggings that go up to her thighs and red shoes with cross straps. To match her theme of an animal trainer she has a black whip.


While Tiger's Eye was looking into Reika's dreams, Sailor Chibi Moon came to stop him, so he sent Kyokubadanko after her. He told Kyokubadanko to destroy Reika when he saw that Pegasus was not there. The other Sailor Guardians arrived, but Kyokubadanko kept chasing them in circles with her whip until Pegasus transformed Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon into their Super Sailor Guardian forms, and Sailor Moon used Moon Gorgeous Meditation to destroy Kyokubadanko.




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