Japanese: クルミワリオ
Romanji: Kurumiwario
Aliases: The Nutcracker Doll

Dead Moon Circus

Species: Lemures
Master: Fish Eye
Objective: To attack the Sailor Guardians
Death: Super Sailor Moon's Moon Gorgeous Meditation
First Appearance
Anime: Become a Prima: Usagi's Ballet
Anime Voiced By: Shigeru Chiba (Japanese)
Roland Parliament (CWi English dub)

Kurumiwario is the 4th Lemures that was sent by Fish Eye to fight the Sailor Guardians, and this was during his attack on Yamagishi.


He had the appearance of a nutcracker doll.


When Fish Eye was looking into Yamagishi's dreams in search of Pegasus, Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon came to stop him, so he sent Kurumiwario after them. Kurumiwario danced around for a minute, and it soon became clear that the Lemures were getting even goofier than before. Kurumiwario put a tutu on Sailor Moon and spun her and Sailor Chibi Moon around. He then threw nut bombs to make them dance, and then cracked some nuts in his jaws and spit them out to rapid-fire on the two Sailor Senshi until Tuxedo Mask arrived. Sailor Chibi Moon summoned Pegasus with Twinkle Yell, and Sailor Moon destroyed Kurumiwario with Moon Gorgeous Meditation.


Kurumiwario had attacks that were based on classical ballet moves such as the grand fouetté en tournant and grand battement. He also was able to put walnuts into his stomach and fire the pieces at the Sailor Senshi like explosive projectiles. He can also fire tutus at the Sailor Senshi & make them dance ballet & twirl rapidly once the tutus are on them.



  • Gomumario has the word "Mario" inside it. Kurumiwario has "Wario" in his name. Mario and Wario are two characters (who start as rivals) in the Mario series of video games.

Dead Moon Circus
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