Template:InfoboxCharacterKuri is a girl that attended Juuban Municipal Junior High School in the anime and the manga, and also the second anime reboot.


In the manga, Kuri only appears in the first arc. She first appears at the end of Act 1, where Naru is telling her about the dream she had.

She later appears in Act 2, as one of the students attend the Crystal Seminar who falls victim to Jadeite's plan to gather energy.

In Act 7, she appears with Yumiko at the local Rental Shop Dark, purchasing a video.


In the anime, Kuri first appears in episode 7, participating in the Cinderella Caravan with Yumiko, but falls victim to Jadeite's plan to gather energy.

In episode 8, she, along with many other of the students, shows disapproval towards Ami because of seemingly stuck-up and arrogant personality.

In episode 10, she appears along with Naru, telling Ami and Usagi about the mysterious disappearances around Hikara Shrine.

Her last appearance is in episode 36.

Second anime



Kuri's appearance in the manga

Kuri with Yumiko

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