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|resides = [[D Point]]
|resides = [[D Point]]
|occupation = [[Shitennou]]
|occupation = [[Shitennou]]
|first appearance = [[Act 5 - Makoto, Sailor Jupiter chapter]]
|first appearance = [[Act 5 - Makoto, Sailor Jupiter]]
|associates = [[Queen Beryl]], other Shitennou, [[Prince Endymion]]
|associates = [[Queen Beryl]], other Shitennou, [[Prince Endymion]]
|related pages = [[Kunzite (anime)|Anime Bio]]<br />[[Kunzite (second anime)|Second Anime Bio]]<br/>[[Kunzite (PGSM)|PGSM Bio]]<br />[[Kunzite (Sera Myu)|Sera Myu Bio]]}}
|related pages = [[Kunzite (anime)|Anime Bio]]<br />[[Kunzite (second anime)|Second Anime Bio]]<br/>[[Kunzite (PGSM)|PGSM Bio]]<br />[[Kunzite (Sera Myu)|Sera Myu Bio]]}}

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Kunzite is the fourth and most powerful general of Queen Beryl. He was originally a general to Prince Endymion. This is the original depiction of the character created by Naoko Takeuchi.




Dark Kingdom Arc

Kunzite is the last of the Shitennou to appear, in volume 01 act 05, and he is also the most powerful. He is the tallest, and his estimated age is 25-26, as stated in the Materials Collection. He is the commander of the Middle Eastern division of the Dark Kingdom. When he first appears, it is after the death of Nephrite. He advises Zoisite  to be careful, and to think his plans through better than his contemporaries Jadeite and Nephrite. He was the superior to Danburite, head of the Dark Agency.

After Zoisite's failure and subsequent death, he is left alone to fight against the senshi. He is determined to locate the Silver Crystal, but feels that he must kill the senshi and their princess first (by this time, Sailor V had arrived and was posing as the princess). In Act 6, he appears and seems to be amused by Tuxedo Mask’s announcement of the Silver Crystal's existence to the citizens of Tokyo. In act 08, he causes a massive blackout throughout Tokyo and waits for the senshi at the top of Tokyo Tower. The senshi confront him there, but he absorbs their attacks and returns them at Sailor Moon. Tuxedo Mask takes the blast for her, and in Act 9, they remember their past. Sailor Moon transforms into Princess Serenity and begins to cry for Tuxedo Mask. Then, the Silver Crystal forms within one of her tears. The Silver Crystal emits a light that restores Kunzite's memory of his past life in which he served Prince Endymion during the Silver Millennium.

Kunzite then returns to the Dark Kingdom, where he resurrects the other fallen Shitennou. They live just long enough to remember their past lives serving Endymion, and then melt away once more to revert to crystals. He then captures the wounded prince and takes him back to the Dark Kingdom, knowing that he has found the one who he truly serves. In Act 10, he secretly follows Queen Beryl down a hall to see Queen Metatia, where he is amazed by how much power the great ruler has accumulated. He confronts Queen Beryl, asking what she intends to do with Endymion's body. The evil Queen forms a stone on his forehead, reminding him that he must obey her because he and the other Shitennou had pledged their eternal loyalty to her alone. She then orders him to steal energy from humans in order to draw out the senshi, so that he may steal the Silver Crystal. Kunzite returns to Tokyo and begins blasting people with ice, threatening to freeze the entire city.

Sailor Moon and the senshi appear, and Kunzite tries to steal the crystal. Sailor Moon ascends into space, only to be followed closely by Kunzite. She tries to gain information on the state of Tuxedo Mask, but Kunzite tells her that if she gives him the Silver Crystal, he will return Tuxedo Mask's body. She does not want to attack him at this point because she has not yet found out anything about Tuxedo Mask, but the other senshi arrive and kill Kunzite with Sailor Planet Attack. He is reduced to nothing but the stone after which he is names and falls at Queen Beryl's feet. She then gives the stone, along with the stones of the other fallen Shitennou, to the revived evil Prince Endymion. In act 12, when Endymion is resurrected, the stone Kunzite awakens, and Kunzite appears to Mamoru to tell him how to defeat Metatia. His stone then shatters.


  • Kunzite's name is likely derived from a variety of spodumene known as Kunzite.
  • He and his comrades were supposed to be serving Prince Endymion (Mamoru Chiba) as the Four Kings of Heaven, yet after reincarnation through reincarnation, they were lured to the Dark Kingdom's side.
  • Kunzite is mentioned in Chapter 8 of the Codename: Sailor V manga by Danburite. He mentions to Vivian that "Kunzite-sama" has overlooked the Dark Agency's many failures.
  • In one of the pictures from the artbooks, Kunzite is paired up with Sailor Venus.
    • Interestingly, both Kunzite and Venus are leaders of two alignments: Kunzite is the leader of the Shitennou while Venus is the leader of the Sailor Senshi.


Kunzite in the Materials' Collection
Kunzite Close up
Kunzite paired up with Sailor Venus

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