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Kunzite is one of the four Shitennou. This is the second live-action depiction of the original manga character.




In Act 13, a man named Shin meets Usagi and Mamoru, telling them that he has completely lost his memory, but that he can remember them, and that he likes flowers, nature, and the ocean. Usagi wants to help him, so she and Mamoru try to gather things that he likes to help him regain his memory. He does regain his memory - but not through Usagi's help. Needing more help to capture the princess, Queen Beryl awakens Shin as Kunzite, the last of the Shitennou. After being awakened by Queen Beryl, Kunzite turned out to be the most cunning of the Shitennou, mapiplulating both applies and enemies alikes. He also turned out to the be the most vicius, with the most success at defeating the senshi in battle. One of his main sources seems to be provking Nephrite when left to his own devices. Kunzite is very intelligent, but he does not hold the respect for Queen Beryl that the other Shitennou have. He seems to humour her, waiting for Queen Metaria's arrival. He is very powerful - he has telekinetic ability and a powerful sword. He can pull a few strands of his hair, which he uses to transform people into youma.  He also has the ability to turn the senshi into dark soldiers who work for the Dark Kingdom - he first tried to turn Sailor Moon into a youma, then he turned Sailor Mercury into Dark Mercury. He was quite fond of her but she seemed to develop her own disregard for authority. Kunzite later realized Sailor Venus was not the true moon Princess. Because of Zoisite's attempts to bring back his memories, Kunzite remember Endyimon and what he did as well. As a result, Kunzite made his mission to get revenge on the Prince who felt threw away the Earth for Serenity.


  • According to Act 13, his interests are white flowers, greenery and the ocean.


Dark Kingdom
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