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Japanese: クンツァイト
Romanji: Kuntsaito
Residency: D Point

Leader of the Shitennou


Queen Beryl, the other Shitennou, Prince Endymion, Sailor Venus


Dark Kingdom

Gender: Male
Species: Humanoid
First Appearance
Reboot: Act 4 Masquerade Dance Party
Reboot Voiced By: Eiji Takemoto (Japanese)
Patrick Seitz (English)

Kunzite is a member of the Shitennou.


Kunzite has long white hair, blue eyes, a standard grey-white Shitennou uniform, and diamond shaped earrings


Kunzite seems to be the leader of the Shitennou as he identified themselves to the Sailor Guardians and Luna. He also seems to be cocky and confident that the Sailor Guardians who oppose the Dark Kingdom can't get in their way..


Kunzite first appears in Act 4, criticizing Jadeite for his performance. Later, he appears with the other Shitennou in front of the Guardians saying that they will obtain the Silver Crystal and that they and the rest of the world will answer to them and their ruler. He taunts Luna after voicing her protests and teleports away.

Kunzite appears briefly in Act 6, amused about the mad scramble for the Silver Crystal in Tokyo.

Kunzite remembers his past life in Act 10, but is brainwashed by Queen Beryl along with the rest of the Shitennou. They attack the Sailor Guardians, and are defeated by Sailor Moon. Kunzite and the other Shitennou confront the Senshi again at D-Point, where they have their memories restored, but are immediately destroyed by Queen Metalia after.

Although their physical bodies have perished, their strong spirits/souls still exist within their respective colored stones to give advice, guidance, and wisdom to their one true master. In the twelfth episode, their stones had protected their master from being stabbed to death by the sacred, Sword of the Silver Crystal to return Prince Endymion to life once again. The spirit of Kunzite later appeared and gave Endymion vital information on how to eliminate Queen Metalia once and for all. The other three then appeared and assured Mamoru that they would always stay by his side and knew that he and his Princess would live happily ever.

In Act 18, Mamoru had used his newfound mystical abilities to call upon his four subordinates. Kunzite had said that he detected very strong evil energy coming from the Black Crystal earring, and that he, Endymion, needed to believe strongly enough in his own abilities if he wanted to protect the person most dear to him.


He has the power of teleportation.


  • Kunzite is the only one of the Shitennou to wear a cape, not to wear his uniform shirt buttoned all the way, or have his pants tucked inside of his boots.


Kunzite zoicite
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Dark Kingdom
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