Catzi is one of the four Negamoon Sisters who work for Rubeus. In the Japanese version, her name was Koan.

her assumed Counterpart is Sailor Mars.

In the English anime

Catzi is the first to encounter the Sailor Scouts. Catzi is said to be the oldest in Sailor Moon R (though in the Japanese version, she is the youngest). She attacks by shooting dark fire at her enemies.

Catzi encountered the Sailor Scouts four times. The first was when she tried to capture Rini for Rubeus, but was fought off by Sailor Moon using her scepter. The second time, she tried to take over a crystal point (Raye's temple) with the help of her droid, Rhonda. Anyone defeated by Rhonda fell under Catzi's spell, but Sailor Mars defeated Catzi, setting her on fire. The third time, she and her sisters Bertie, Avery, and Prizma fought the Sailor Scouts, but were forced to retreat when Sailor Moon defeated Rubeus.

Catzi fell in love with Rubeus at one point, and when he sent her on a mission to take over Raye's temple again, she gave him some cologne, but he was uninterested and crushed it in his hand. Later, he said she was looking "beautiful as always", leading her to believe that he was still in love with her. While chasing after Rini, Catzi encountered Raye and Chad, and fought them. Chad jumped in front of Raye to protect her from Catzi's dark fire. Raye transformed into Sailor Mars, revealing her true identity to Catzi. With the help of Tuxedo Mask, she defeated Catzi with Mars Celestial Fire Surround. Rubeus appeared and dumped Catzi, kicking her out of the team for failing to capture Rini. Catzi went on a rampage, and the Sailor Scouts attempted to fight her off, but Sailor Mars protected her from Sailor Jupiter's attack and convinced her to turn good. Sailor Moon used a new technique, Moon Crystal Healing Activation, on her to eliminate the last of the negative energy inside Catzi, and from here, she opened a cosmetic shop.

Catzi also convinced Bertie to turn good as well when she
attempted to freeze herself with her power. She was

Catzy attack 2

later captured along with Bertie by Avery and Prizma in an attempt to turn them evil, but they turned good in the end.

Catzi is the first of the Negamoon Sisters to turn good by Moon Crystal Healing Activation.


Aside from using Nega-energy to contaminate Crystal Points in Tokyo, Catzi attacked by throwing blue fire at her target. She could either release a stream of fire from her hands or launch multiple fireballs. This attack was roughly equivalent to Sailor Mars's Mars Celestial Fire Surround attack. Catzi claimed in "Gramps in a Pickle" that the blue fire was "ice fire" when she attacked Sailor Mars. In Japanese, this attack was given the name Dark Fire.


  • In the episode where she switches sides, the Sailor Says says the same thing about her as Neflite. Indeed, the part about Melvin is identical to the one in Episode 20 of Sailor Moon (the episode where Neflite dies).

Voiced by Alice Poon in the English anime. And later by

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