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King Endymion is the future form of Mamoru Chiba and the King of the Earth in the 30th Century and the husband of Neo-Queen Serenity and Small Lady's father. This is the first animated depiction of the original manga character.




Sailor Moon R

During the second season of the anime, King Endymion sent nightmares to his past self, which caused Mamoru to break up with (and act cold towards) Usagi in order to prevent her from being killed as was depicted in his dreams. This was, however, not the King's intent; he wanted Mamoru and Usagi's bond to be stronger in order to help them survive the onslaught of the Black Moon Clan and Wiseman .

The anime shows King Endymion only in the future as the father of Small Lady and the King of Crystal Tokyo. He also appears as a computerized image when they first meet him. However, he is never shown to fight in battle. Diana makes a comment about the future King and Queen. She says that the King and Queen like to fake being sick to be excused from attending important banquets and meetings.




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