Kijin Shinokawa
Japanese: 篠川貴人
Romanji: Shinokawa Kijin
Residency: Tokyo, Japan

Student, photographer



Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: Usagi's a Model: The Flash of the Monster Camera
Anime Voiced By: Tsutomu Kashiwakura (Japanese)
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Kijin Shinokawa is a junior high school student who won the prestigious Japan Picture Grand Prize for his photography skills who only appeared in the first anime series.

Nomenclature & Etymology


The kanji in his surname respectively means "bamboo grass" and "river". His given name means "nobleman". It can also alternately been pronounced as "Takahito".


Usagi's classmates show her an article about him, which states that he attends Gohongi Number One Junior High School, which is near Rei's school, T·A Academy for Girls. He was targeted by Nephrite, who implanted the Youma Cameran into his camera. Under the Youma's influence, he arranged a photoshoot open to every young girl who wanted to be a model, including Naru and Usagi. Everyone whose picture he took using the Youma-possessed camera was trapped inside of it, but Usagi accidentally managed to escape being photographed. Sailor Moon managed to kick the camera out of his hands with Sailor Moon Kick before the Youma revealed itself and turned Kijin into a photograph. After Sailor Moon defeated the Youma and saved everyone, she taught him that the true meaning of a girl's beauty is the heart to fight for what she believes in. Kijin later resigned from photography to learn how to understand it better.



  • His name was read and spoken as "Takahito" in the Russian dub.
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