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Japanese: キガーン
Romanji: Kigaan

Dark Kingdom

Species: Youma
Master: Jadeite
Objective: Transporting girls on the Cursed Bus
Death: Sailor Mars's Fire Soul
First Appearance
Anime: The Cursed Bus: Enter Mars, the Guardian of Fire
Anime Voiced By: Reiko Yamada (Japanese)
Maria Vacratsis (DiC English dub)
Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Viz Media English dub)

Kigaan is a Youma who worked for Jadeite as part of his quest to gather human energy to awaken Queen Metalia. She appeared in episode 10 disguised as a stern-looking bus driver with her hat pulled low over her eyes.


She was a female humanoid with brown/green skin and long red hair.


The bus that she drove was meant to collect the girls who had come from the Hikawa Shrine, where they had purchased the good luck charms charged with dark energy from Jed (one of Jadeite's aliases) the caretaker of the Shrine, but the charms once activated by Jadeite caused the girls to fall into a trance-like state. The girls would then board the route 66 bus near Sendai Hill (which was being driven by Kigaan). The bus then floated through a black hole in the sky once the girls became unconscious from the cursed good luck charms. Once on the other side of the dimension, Kigaan collected their energy for Jadeite.

After initially being too scared to get on the bus due to Kigaan's scary appearance, Usagi managed to board the same bus with Luna, this time disguised as a bus attendant. Once onboard the bus, she discovered its passengers to be unconscious and demanded the bus driver to stop. Bus driver Kigaan refused and instead transported Usagi, Luna and the unconscious passengers to the other dimension.

Meanwhile, at the Hikawa Shrine, priestess Rei Hino learned of the bus that recently disappeared and discovered Jadeite scheme. When she confronted him, Jadeite opened a black hole that sucked Rei and her two pet birds Phobos and Deimos through to the other dimension.

In the other dimension, a crying Usagi witnessed Rei topple into the dimension and being caught by Kigaan before changing into her true Youma form. Whilst holding Rei hostage, Sailor Moon attempted to attack Kigaan with her Moon Tiara Action but Kigaan dodged the attack whilst holding Rei in a headlock. Phobos and Deimos began pecking Kigaan, forcing her to release Rei. After shooing the birds away, the Youma caught Sailor Moon's tiara in her hand. This was evidently what Sailor Moon had planned, because Sailor Moon ordered the tiara to wrap around her, temporarily incapacitating her arms and torso and giving Rei just enough time to transform into Sailor Mars for the first time and defeat the Youma with her Fire Soul attack burning her alive. After her defeat, the back hole that the buses, Usagi, Luna, and Rei came in was closing up. Sailor Mercury used her power to keep it open and Tuxedo Mask safely returned the buses and the unconscious passengers back to Sendai Hill.



  • Although Sailor Moon and Sailor Mars (and at one point, Sailor Mercury) combine their attacks several times in the series, Kigaan is one of the only three Youma (the others being two of the DD Girls) to be individually killed by Sailor Mars.

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