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Kengo Ibuki
Ibuki Kengo
Japanese: 伊吹健吾
Romanji: Ibuki Kengo
Aliases: Sailor Artist
Residency: Japan



Rei Hino (cousin)



Gender: Male
Species: Human
First Appearance
Anime: The Scream of Dead Souls?! The Mystery of Terror Camp
Anime Voiced By: Tomohisa Asou

Kengo Ibuki is Rei's cousin who only appears in one episode of the anime. He is transformed into Sailor Artist for the majority of the episode.

Nomenclature & Etymology


His given name means "strong" or "healthy" (健) and "I" or "my" (吾). His family name means "him" or "her" (伊) and "blow" or "puff" (吹).


Kengo is an adult man with brown hair tied into a ponytail, a beard, and dark blue eyes.

When he was younger, he only had a stubble, not a full beard.


Sailor Moon Sailor Stars

Kengo is going through one of his fits when he is greated by Sailor Aluminum Seiren and has his Star Seed removed, transforming into Phage Sailor Artist. He then goes on a wild rampage destroying campsites and causing havoc. In the end, he is saved by Eternal Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Mars, and returns to a more peaceful life.



  • Because he only appeared in the anime, he is believed to be an anime-only relation of Rei's.


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