Japanese: カオリナイト
Romanji: Kaorinaito
Aliases: Kaori Kuromine
(黒峰カオリ, Kuromine Kaori)
Residency: The Tomoe household, Tokyo

Tomoe household caretaker, secretary, Mugen Academy principal


Professor Tomoe, Hotaru Tomoe, Witches 5


Death Busters

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Species: Human/Daimon
First Appearance
Manga: Act 27 Infinity 1 Premonition

Kaolinite is a member of the Death Busters, the commander of the Witches 5, and the principal of the Mugen Academy.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Kaolinite is named after a mineral of the same name.

The kanji in her alias' surname translates to "black" (黒) and "peak" or "ridge" (峰). Her given name, Kaori, comes from the Romanized form of "Kaolinite". It also means "fragrance" or "aroma".


She has long red hair, and wears a black dress with a black pendant around her neck. When she is disguised as Kaori she wears a red dress. 


Kaolinite became "Magus" of Pharaoh 90 after being struck by a bolt of lightning during a chaotic storm that occurred as the pair attempted to reconstruct the maimed body of his daughter Hotaru. When she rises from the floor, her eyes are shining. Her title is "Magus Kaolinite", Magus being a position that all of the Witches 5 aspire to reach. The privileges of the Magus position includes the use of the Tau Star System's crystal and direct contact with Master Pharaoh 90. Kaolinite is the one the Witches 5 answer, not Professor Tomoe, as opposed to the anime. She sees them in no way other than servants, demonstrating annoyance when Mimete appeals to her for help. With her alias as Kaori, she also sometimes watches over and cares for the fragile Hotaru, though Hotaru shows contempt towards her seeing Kaori as an intrusion to her family. It is implied that she wishes to be Pharaoh 90's partner in place of Mistress 9, something Mistress 9 is aware of and views with amusement. When Mistress 9 does awaken, she orders Kaolinite to eliminate the Sailor Guardians. Reviving the Witches 5, she succeeds in subduing the Sailor Guardians, however, they are freed by Sailors' Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Reunited, the Sailor Guardians confront Kaolinite in the Principal's Office of Mugen Academy, and she transforms into a Daimon. She is destroyed by Super Sailor Moon's Rainbow Moon Heartache attack.



  • In the manga, the Witches 5 answer to Kaolinite, while in the anime, they answer to Professor Tomoe.
  • According to the now-defunct Sailor Moon Channel mailbox, her approximate age was 28.
  • The outfit Kaolinite wears in the anime when she searches for the talismans is the same one she wears in the manga when she is disguised as Kaori. She never wears it again after being revived, switching a more Gothic attire, which was her signature outfit in the manga.
  • After her return to life, Kaolinite appeared to have developed more-than-friendly feelings for Professor Tomoe.
  • She and Eudial seem to have similar appearances with the thematic color of red.
  • She and Eudial are the only members of the Death Busters to have successfully performed the task they were given.
  • Eudial being able to find the bearers of the Talismans and extracting them, while Kaolinite obtains Chibiusa's pure heart to wake Mistress 9.

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