Japanese: カオリナイト
Romanji: Kaorinaito
Aliases: Kaori
Residency: Mugen Academy

Commander, Tomoe household caretaker, secretary, Magu s


Pharaoh 90 (master/boss)
Professor Souichi Tomoe
Witches 5 (minions)


Death Busters

Gender: Female
Species: Human/Daimon
First Appearance
Crystal: Act 27 - Infinity 1, Premonition (Part 1)
Crystal Voiced By: Hikari Yono (Japanese)
Tara Platt (English)

Kaolinite is a commander of the Death Busters. She commands the Witches 5 and acts as principal to Mugen Academy.

Nomenclature & Etymology


Kaolinite is named after a mineral of the same name.

The kanji in her alias' surname translates to "black" (黒, Kuro) and "peak" or "ridge" (峰, Mine). Her given name, Kaori, comes from the Romanized form of "Kaolinite". It also means "fragrance" or "aroma"


Kaolinite has long red hair, and wears a black dress with black heels and gray stockings, and wears a necklace with a black pendant. When she turned into a Daimon, most of her human features were destroyed, leaving a monster with black skin and glowing red eyes and sharp claws, though she retained her red hair.


Kaolinite was originally a normal human named Kaori who worked for Professor Tomoe. While both were working on saving Hotaru's life by restoring her body, Kaori was attacked and forcibly implanted with a Daimon Egg through her forehead by Master Pharaoh 90 who entered Earth via a chaotic storm. The evil entity gave Kaori the title of Magus after she turned evil and swore her loyalty to him. She was first seen talking before a shadowy mist, whom she calls "Pharaoh 90" and assures it that nothing will go wrong in their goals to dominate the Earth. She commanded the Witches 5 to gather souls to sacrifice to Pharaoh 90 and use the bodies as empty vessels to house Daimons, with the promise that whoever succeeded would gain the status of Magus. She strived to become Pharaoh 90's partner on Earth, but when Mistress 9 emerged from Hotaru, she had no choice but to follow her commands. Kaolinite prepared for the Sailor Guardians' arrival by resurrecting the Witches 5 to confront them. After the Inner Sailor Guardians were rescued by the Outer Sailor Guardians, they all confronted Kaolinite at the principal's office in Mugen Academy. Kaolinite transformed herself into a Daimon and attacked the Guardians, but was destroyed by Super Sailor Moon.


Being of Magus status, she is one of the few members of the Death Busters who could communicate with Pharaoh 90 directly. Using the fountain on the roof of Mugen Academy, she could communicate to the Witches 5. She can use magic to bring the Witches 5 back from the dead. She was capable of turning into a Daimon. When she transformed into a Daimon, she was fast, able to deliver deadly blast attacks from her eyes and was highly resistant to the Sailor Guardians' attacks.



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